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5 Lessons Coronavirus Lockdown Teaches Us about Life

5 Lessons Coronavirus Lockdown Teaches Us about Life

By Anna LeMind, M.A.

April 6th, 2020

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With current coronavirus lockdown in many countries of the world, the regular flow of life has stopped. Basically, our lives have been put on hold.
We are asked to stay at home and to reduce our social and outdoor activities to the very minimum. Sounds like an introvert’s definition of paradise, doesn’t it? Yes, in these uneasy times, the quiet ones finally have an advantage in society.
However, for everyone else, it’s an incredibly challenging situation. An outgoing person who craves social contact and whose normal life is full of gatherings and activities can’t just turn into an introverted loner out of the blue.
Still, the coronavirus quarantine and lockdown can give us many valuable lessons about life. Everyone can learn from this difficult situation, both introverts and extroverts.

5 Life Lessons to Learn from the Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Don’t put your life on hold

This one may sound controversial at first. After all, everyone’s life is on hold right now. But here, I’m talking about our lives before the coronavirus pandemic (and hopefully, after it).
We all have something we dream about but don’t have the courage to fulfill it. We all have plans in life but are waiting for better times to turn them into a reality.
Maybe you wanted to change your career path or have a baby. Maybe you dreamed about traveling the world or enrolling in art classes. Right now, you can’t do any of these things because of the quarantine. You have to wait. And who knows for how long.
When we constantly postpone our plans and dreams, there comes a time when we no longer can (or want) to bring them to fruition. So don’t neglect your dreams and don’t put your life plans and goals on hold, waiting for the right moment. This moment may never come.

2. Live in the moment and find happiness in simple things

Here you are, stuck in your home, bored and lonely. But even in isolation, it’s possible to find ways to have fun and things to be grateful for. Use this situation as an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and kids. Plan a stay-at-home date with your special someone. Call your parents. Read books or find an online course you long wanted to take.
This list can be endless. The point is that even in times of quarantine and social distancing, you can enjoy yourself and live in the present moment. The joys of everyday life like a video call with your best friend or a walk with your dog have the power to make you happy.
With the coronavirus lockdown, we all have the opportunity to see that happiness is in simple, everyday things. And most importantly, it is in immaterial things. Expensive jewelry and brand clothes are out of use right now. But simple pleasures like a good read or a warm conversation are worth their weight in gold.

3. Taking breaks is necessary

hectic, anxiety-fueling lifestyle has become normal in our world. Before the pandemic, we couldn’t even imagine our days without busy schedules and tons of unnecessary stress. And yet, here they are. The whole world is taking a break from this rat race.
No matter how difficult the overall pandemic situation can feel, we could actually benefit from this break. Take a few moments to appreciate that. Enjoy the abundant sleep you lacked before. Relax at home, take a hot bath, just let yourself be lazy.
We all know that anxiety and stress are bad for our physical and mental health. But being busy all the time can also distract us from fulfilling our life purpose. When our minds are constantly occupied with job worries and mundane problems, we lose touch with our inner selves.
For this reason, taking a break can help us hear the voice of our souls. Use the lockdown time to get to know yourself better and discover what makes you truly happy and brings meaning to your life.

4. Appreciate nature

Here, I’m talking about appreciating nature on both personal and societal levels. Those of us living in the cities rarely have the opportunity to escape the world of concrete and asphalt and get closer to nature.
I bet that right now, many people think about those walks in the park they didn’t take and those trips to the countryside they didn’t go on. Even introverts who don’t go out that often are likely to have this kind of regrets. I do. Even when you are not a fan of going outside, it’s great to have an option to.
Then, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown show us what we’ve been doing to our planet all this time. Now that most people stay at home and tourism is dead, nature is taking back. Scientists report reduced levels of pollution in Italy. Even the waters in Venice canals have cleared up as there are no tourists in the city and the locals are staying at home!
The sad truth is that we have become parasites to our home planet. Maybe it’s time we start to treat it with more respect and appreciation.

5. Always be ready for the tough times

We have talked about living in the moment and following your dreams. But we should never forget that tough times are a part of life and we need to be ready. Right now, many people have found themselves unprepared in a both financial and practical sense. And they have nowhere to get help from.
Situations like the coronavirus lockdown teach us that we need to stay optimistic but be ready for the worst. Always have a financial safety cushion and health insurance. You never know what can happen tomorrow.
You may say that this is quite a pessimistic approach. It is not. It’s just a realistic one. I’ve got an acquaintance who, no matter how severe your problem is, always tells you one single thing: think positive. Lost your job? Think positive. Have an acute conflict with your in-laws? Think positive. Coronavirus threat? Think positive.
While positivity has plenty of benefits, this kind of advice is valid only to a certain extent. If you get seriously ill or run out of food, no amount of positive thought can help you. Oftentimes, you need to take real actions in order to solve a problem.
Positive thinking is good, but blind positivity is not. Cultivate an optimistic attitude, but be prepared for possible adversities that may show up at your door.Turn the coronavirus lockdown into an opportunity for personal growth
The coronavirus pandemic is a tough situation for everyone. But this too shall pass. Meanwhile, use this period of self-isolation as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. After all, it’s during difficult times that we discover our inner strength and perseverance.
Stay strong and be well.

Anna LeMind







About the Author: Anna LeMind

Anna is the founder and lead editor of the website Learning-mind.com. She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.

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