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Area 51 Destroyed As Secret War Intensifies

Area 51 Destroyed As Secret War Intensifies

Benjamin Fulford Full Report.


Posted May 20, 2020



The battle for Planet Earth is entering a dangerous phase as at least three factions desperately fight for domination. This onslaught is now showing not only biblical but even otherworldly dimensions.
The biblical aspect includes the occupation of the main holy sites of Islam by unknown forces. The otherworldly aspect includes an attack on area 51 and a downed UFO in Brazil. All this is happening while the Covid-19 scamdemic is being fought over by factions who just want to control humanity versus factions that want to kill most of us off.
Let us start with the otherworldly part of this battle. Here the U.S. government started openly recruiting staff for off-world work. The ad can be seen here:

The release of this recruitment advert was followed by the murder of Air Force Col. Thomas Falzarano, who commanded the service’s 21st Space Wing.

Then immediately afterward, there was a huge attack on the infamous Area 51 “UFO base.”  The seismograph of the 6.5 magnitude quake that hit the base shows a sudden massive explosion, not a natural earthquake.

Pentagon sources say “the hospital ship USNS Mercy left Los Angeles on May 15th as Nevada and Croatia were hit with quakes.”  They say the ship was filled with arrested Satanists and hinted that they destroyed underground bases at both locations after children were rescued from underground adrenochrome manufacturing facilities.
The quakes were followed by a very unusual UFO sighting in Brazil followed by a crash of a UFO that was filmed by many people.  A two-minute video showing the UFOs and the crash site can be seen here:

The U.S. Naval Intelligence linked site Sorcha Faal, for its part, claims the U.S. retaliated for the murder of Colonel Falzano by killing the Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei.  So why would the Navy think the Chinese orchestrated the murder of a space force commander?
It’s not clear, but several years ago a member of the Rothschild family introduced me to a representative of the Dragon family saying, “If you want to talk to China, this is as high as it goes.”   The Dragon family representative told me the Chinese had off-world sponsors who threatened to put humanity under “very strict control” if they did not “get their act together.”
There are a lot of question marks surrounding these events but clearly something highly unusual is going on.
Now let us look at the Biblical part.  Pentagon sources, in their version, say the Chinese Ambassador to Israel was killed because a Chinese Zionist faction was financially supporting Israeli efforts to annex more Palestinian land and build the third temple, thus triggering an end-times event.  “The death of the ambassador may also cause China to stop investments in Israel while galvanizing even more international punitive actions against annexation,” the sources say.
“Jordan is so upset with the annexation that the King himself warned of a ‘massive conflict’ and may not just cancel the 1994 peace agreement but also the $10B gas deal with Israel,” they continue.  In a warning to Israel they said:
“Egypt has powerful Russian radars that cover all of Israel from the South to complement Syrian radars from the North.”
The sources further noted that “The International Criminal Court has a stronger case against Israel with the Arab League declaring the annexation as a ‘new war crime’.”
Without U.S. backing and with Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran poised against it, Israel is facing an existential crisis.  That’s why they formed a unified government now under the control of Satanist Benjamin Netanyahu.  Upon taking power yet again Netanyahu said:
“We must never forget that we must rely on ourselves, for our security, the cornerstone of which is the IDF and security forces.” In other words “we are on our own now.”
It looks like the Israelis are also trying to invoke Moses by making a river there run red.

The Israeli’s Satanic pseudo-Muslim allies in Saudi Arabia are also under extreme threat.  Not only have they lost allies like the UAE and Qatar, but they are also now under attack from Yemen.
The cities of Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina have been under 24-hour curfew and shut off from the rest of the world since April 2nd.  There are also reports that 70% of the population has been infected with the “coronavirus.”

This could be a sign that the entire population is being culled. Some of the P3 Freemasons have an extremely deep hatred of Islam. That’s because they have waged a Holy War for over a thousand years against them. They also blame Islam for most of the world’s problems. Therefore, it’s entirely possible some sort reckoning is now taking place there.
Remember the “coronavirus” has been used as a cover for mass murder in Wuhan, China, and for the culling of Satanists inside the U.S.
Recall how last we noted the President of Tanzania sent various samples of food, animals, and materials disguised with human identities to the W.H.O. for coronavirus testing and most came back positive?
Well, now the president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, is claiming that the World Health Organization a bribe of $20 million to poison her drug Covid-19.

There are now numerous indications that this so-called pandemic was planned well in advance.
The EU, for example, came out in 2012 with a pandemic comic that was only intended for senior executives. The plot reads almost identical to what is happening now.
Towards the end it reads: “The fear created in this way can be used, which triggers a global reaction … under the direction of international technical organizations.
You can download the entire comic strip from the EU website:

The elite has made many practice runs for this current planemia.
Here is what the World Bank had to say in 2017:
The World Bank Group is working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct the first series of pandemic simulation exercises designed to simulate a disease outbreak scenario in order to trigger an informed debate among policy makers on pandemic preparedness. President Jim Yong Kim, Bill Gates and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be present during the At the next World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2017 and the G20 Leaders’ meeting in July 2017, the EU and G20 leaders will jointly conduct pandemic preparedness simulation exercises for the heads of state and government and private sector executives.

The Chinese seem to be on board, according to the official Xinhua news site:
Given the colossal impact on the real economies and the strong interdependent global financial system requires the rescue of a globalised economy this time an even stronger global cooperation.

The EU comic ends with an Asian and a European who fall in love and kiss, which implies that East and West are united. The Chinese certainly support a such a scenario.
The problem is that there is a faction that has taken this misguided, albeit well-intentioned exercise for much scarier purposes.
MI6 sources are saying now: The obstacles [to the start of the new financial system] are acts of war and High treason when the WHO tried to suppress this hybrid system of total population control by an induced global disease.
Ordo-ab-Chao stuff.
We seem to have at least three groups trying to control this pandemic to promote their own agenda.
1) The moderates, who want a friendly planet where all countries work together to solve problems we all face, i.e. a loose world government.
2) The control freaks who want to microchip us all and keep us under strict, centralized control. They are the ones who demand social distancing because their microchip control systems don’t work when people are too close to each other.
3) Finally, we have the radical messianic Zionists who still think we need to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the rest. These are the ones who are trying to kill us with 5G electromagnetic weapons, poisonous drugs, etc.
There is also a fourth group of isolationists under US President Donald Trump, who apparently want none of the above, but let America act on its own. This group is doing much in its own way to free the Republic of the United States from the satanic owners of the US corporate government.
It looks, for example, as if they are in the process of freeing slave laborers from the prisons.
Last week Trump passed an executive order against forced labor.

The core of this order is section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. 1307).
This prohibits the import of goods that have been mined, produced or manufactured in whole or in part in a foreign country by forced labour or child labour – including forced child labour.
Of course, this can also just be an excuse not to buy things from China. However, prison slave laborers are now being released throughout the United States.

The nationalization of the Federal Reserve Board within the USA also begins to to benefit average Americans.
For example, two thirds of Americans who have become unemployed as a result of this pandemic now receive more money than when they worked. Moreover, the USA is finally in the process of rebuilding its long neglected infrastructure.

If the Americans did not nationalise FRB, any company operating in the United States born baby start into life with 6.4 million dollars in debt, compared to 80,000 dollars in 1970 and $1.2 million in 2007.
The USA, controlled by the Gnostic Illuminati, are also winning their battle against the bloodline rule there. The bloodline families are now forced to fight Trump with a virtual Obama.

A lot of corruption is also being eradicated, as you can see from this trump card: Joe Biden’s deadbeat son Hunter made a $1.5 billion deal with China while Joe was vice president.
What did the Biden China offer in return?
Obama was the most corrupt president in the history of the USA.
Also the former intelligence officer of the CIA and the Navy, Robert David Steele, noted that the certainty that the NSA every e-mail, every text message, every cell phone call, every game chat ever created by naked short sellers and money laundering criminals was made on Wall Street – a $100 trillion bonanza for President Donald J. Trump, who up to this point had been led to believe became that $15 trillion was the best he could get.
Find out more at

It’s worth noting that foreigners in March raised a record $300 billion of U.S. debt.

Therefore, in the face of the sharpest fall in US industrial production in 100 years, which is now only 65% due to a shortage of imported parts, the Trump regime will have no choice but to conclude an agreement with the moderate faction of globalists.

We would like to end this week with some good news.
It seems that the tide has turned against man-made mass extinction. The positive signs in nature are numerous.
For example, clearer skies can be observed worldwide, and the Himalayas are once again clearly visible in India, the humpback whale populations are once again at a level that has not been seen since the beginning of whaling more has been seen, the Hainan gibbons are back from the brink of extinction, and the first wild stork for hundreds of years was born in Great Britain.

Benjamin Fulford


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