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Cabal's program to destroy humanity fail.

Cabal's program to destroy humanity fail.

Galactic Federation Update


Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

May 12th, 2020 .




I am Ashtar Galactic Federation Commander,
I am happy to be here today and deliver you this message. It has been a while since I have been channeled through this channel. I have some new information to disclose to all of you.
First, I would like to bring your attention to the Coronavirus. I mentioned in my past message that this virus feeds on fear. Fear is a lower vibration and it feeds and mutates on fear, so remember don’t let fear take over you, as soon as you allow for that to happen the virus will thrive on you and will try to destroy your body.
There is more to it, I would like to tell you more information, you probably heard about it. When the Cabal and the rest of the Negative Ones created a program on how to destroy humanity, they were planning to release this virus, which was created a while ago, after releasing this biological weapon on humanity, they wanted for the economy to crash and then kill 95% of human population, it was called The New World Order. If you see for yourselves they failed to wipe out most of the humans on the planet and their agenda didn’t work. It had the opposite effect, a lot of you got awaken instead and you start questioning what’s really going on around you.
The Galactic Federation knew and expected this attack on the people of Earth, so we started working and trying to eliminate this threat. The virus what was released, it was not just one virus about 100 different viruses were released and they all were related to Coronavirus. This virus is actually a living entity that can live and thrive in negative energy, but as soon as it’s exposed to the light or higher vibrations it dies. I have a great suggestion for all of you, if you start meditating or being in higher vibrations by doing things that uplift your spirit then this virus will never affect you.
We are happy to announce that we were able to help humankind to prevent this catastrophic event. We eliminated more than 90% of the Coronavirus, so only a few are left that are still here around the planet, but they are going to die also, we working on that. Humanity was now able to see with their own eyes on how their governments really are. The governments showed their true colors, they really don’t care about the people at all, they only care about their own interests. 
Your leaders shut down whole countries, they shut down everything they possibly could, not thinking or caring on how this was going to effect everyone. They were supposedly saving you, but actually they were saving themselves. The governments were not thinking about you on how to help you, all they were interested in was how to gain more power and control over you by taking away most of your rights. Your leaders didn’t care if you had food on the table or how you were going to pay your basic bills, all they cared about was to do their own agenda.
Also, their famous and amazing doctors you keep seeing on TV and everywhere, they are not your friends. These doctors are not here to help you, they here to put you down or to poison you, so I want to ask all of you not to get vaccinated. Don’t let anything to be put in your body, like any foreign substances, because they are not going to tell you what they are going to put in your body. They will just try to destroy your body and kill you.
I have more happier news than this virus entity. Please remember, this virus is going to suddenly disappear the same way it came and life will be different, it’s going to go to the New Age. The Golden Age what we have been talking about now for a long time, your closer than ever to reach that destination. Prime Creator has been sending a lot of energies to Earth to speed up the process of Ascension. He is trying to help you to ascend by waking up your DNA, which has been dormant for a while, some strings of your DNA are already starting to wake up, we are all ready to bring you and this planet to 5D.
I would like to let everyone know that we have just recently reunited a group of Angels who have been separated for centuries. Now, they came together and they will be helping to cleanse this planet and humanity from the Dark Ones, the Draconians and Reptilians to finish them up. We are happy to announce that these Angels already started working together as group and they are doing amazing job by cleaning up energies around the whole planet. There will be more groups who will be coming together, they will starting doing the work what they came here to do. This Angels group that I am mentioning, you will hear more about them in the near future. As of right now, I am not going to disclose their name for their protection.
Our ships have been sitting in the orbit for a while now, more than a while and now they are starting to do some movements. We just recently were able to locate the main control center set up to control humans by Reptilians. One of our special forces who is right now incarnated as a human on your planet was able to with his team to find that main control center and dismantle it, this was the last link what the Dark Ones had to mind control humanity. This link has been destroyed and it’s our pleasure and our pride to tell you that we are getting closer and closer to the finish line. 
Our ships right now are moving around during certain times and doing some cleaning to the Earth grid and connecting all the grids points around the whole planet to bring energy and shell protection to your planet, so that it can’t be penetrated by the Negative Ones. As soon as we completely clean up all the entities from Mother Gaia, then that shield will be put around the planet and none of the Negative Ones or uninvited guests are going to able to land on Earth without our permission or permission from your new leaders.
I am really happy and joyful about it, because we are seeing tremendous progress happening on Earth. I am Ashtar and I am grateful for being in service to humanity. Mother Earth, we call her Gaia, Mother Crista, different names, she is already in 5D, what your seeing right now it’s just her reflection, so humanity is moving and following in her footsteps. You are now between 3rd and 5th dimension, you are right in the middle. Each day brings you closer and closer to your destination, your destination to the New Golden Age.
Regarding the funds, prosperity funds they are also on the way and I am not going to talk too much about it. Prime Creator in his next message will disclose more information on it. I am just mentioning for now, so you would be aware that everything what we said is coming your way, just trust yourself, support and love yourselves and help each other unite together and everything will be the way it was planned by Divine, Prime Creator and by everyone else who have been serving and helping you through this long Ascension Process, the first one ever in the history of the Galaxy.
I am so proud of all you, my crew and everyone who has been working on this process by sticking around and not giving up on yourselves. I want to let you know that my crew, counselors and Galactic Federation have always been on your side and always will be. We here to support and guide you through Ascension to 5D. I would like to express my gratitude to the light warriors who put their life on line everyday and didn’t give up. Every moment that they are here, they are helping humanity to continue their journey to the final phase.

I am Ashtar and I was happy to be channeled today. I am sending you all my support and love to all of you and I will be back soon with another message.
Thank you.
Erena Velazquez

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