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Overcoming Limitations

Overcoming Limitations

El Morya

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted May 7th, 2020



I am El Morya and I have a message for you of the Light.
You do not recognize your strength. Every day, you put so much effort into strengthening your body but you do not realize that you must strengthen your mind as well.
The strongest part of you is your mind, not your body. Your body was created by your mind. Your mind is the driving force of consciousness upon your planet. Your consciousness is filtered down through your mind and your mind decides what it will perceive and what it will not perceive.
You could realistically change your entire world right now. Many of you have crossed your countries, going ocean to ocean or ocean to land, and you have created an entirely new world for yourself in having made that move. Had you stayed where you were, circumstances would have remained the same unless of course, you change your mind. Your mind is what brings new circumstances to your life.
When you believe that you can alter the weather, you can alter the weather. When you believe you can resist the virus, then you can resist the virus. It is simply what you believe.
What you fear comes through to you for resolution because this is not part of Christ. You are christ and what is not part of you, when you create something that is not a part of your truth, you are resisting yourself. Truth is a part of who you are. Truth is the rule upon which you function in the same way that your world functions with natural laws – you have trees, you have birds, you have water, you have animals, dirt and land…. these are the rules of your world, and your world of your consciousness is truth. There is your world.
You are creatures of God, you are part of God and you must stand in your own Light. To do otherwise is to fail yourself and to fail the world in which you live. There is no choice. You must do so. Now is the time, particularly now, as this world needs you now. You must do whatever you can, but the first thing you must do is to stop believing that you are limited. You are unlimited. Because God is unlimited. Do you see limits in God? No, there are rules but these are not limits, but God is unlimited and so are you.
Anything you desire, you can create. When you desire a world free of viruses, of suffering, of struggling, then you can create that world by focusing on it. You must know with absolute surety that you can create it. You are all being tested to remove your doubts, to remove your fears because doubt comes from fears, and bring God into your life, because you are a god.
You are a powerful being. You must exercise this power now.
It is that simple.
I remain El Morya.
Do you believe that to create new circumstances for yourself that you must move your physical circumstances. But in fact you can spend your entire life where you are and just continue to attract to you that what you wish to have. Physical movement is not required.
But if I want a bigger house?
I ask him and my response is.
Your house is a limitation that you set upon yourself. Your life is about overcoming your limitations so when you set a life of limitation up for yourself, then you must overcome this limitation.
Okay so if I want a bigger house … that’s true, many just create a bigger house all the time. Build onto what you have, or maybe the landlord will sell the apartment building and you can take 2 units.
When you limit yourself, look to see if there is a way that you can change your circumstances using your mind, not your body
Thank you El Morya.
So I have another question for you, Father.
I am here.
I want to get a house but it has to be one where Ivo and other galactics can land their ships. I live in a city with people around me so landing a ship isn’t possible here. How would I deal with that? The galactics don’t want to be seen by the general public and need a place that’s remote, and they also specified near water.
ElM: So there are physical parameters which are specified which requires your moving.
Me: Yes. So there’s no way to create that where I am.
ElM: No. You are creating that right now in knowing that there is a house which is waiting for you to purchase which fits your requirements but now physical movement is necessary.
Me: Ah! So you’re saying that changing things with your mind doesn’t work in all cases.
ElM: You in fact have a time limit.
Me: Yes, like before I die.
ElM: Otherwise you could create that circumstance where you are. However you are limited by your physicality in the respect of time. You only live so long. So this does require physical movement.
My information to you was based on many aspects of your life. I see you have moved many times in your life and this was not all necessary.
Me: Howso?
ElM: Had you used your mind you could have quieted noisy neighbours, so this accounts for the majority of problems you encountered in your places of dwelling, does it not?
Me: It does. There were many noise problems.
ElM: So then, using your mind to still their need to create noise or their stress, anxiety and other such emotions that seek outlet can be done through the power of your mind.
Your people engage in much physical movement and wishful thinking. As it happens, you created a much quieter place of dwelling for yourself now in your last move.
Me: I needed it.
ElM: You could have attracted quieter tenants for the last apartment. Movement was not necessary.
Me: There were laundry soap issues too.
ElM: Ah yes. This could have been dealt with as well at a higher metaphysical level. Yes, perhaps purchasing soap and distributing it to all tenants who used the washing room beneath you would be one solution. As it is, your desire to have the tenants upstairs removed from the building was effective because they did move.
Me: Yes. Took a while.
ElM: To speed up these circumstances, have a more positive mindset. It directs more energy towards the magnetization of the goal.
Me: What are some other examples of this, taking some from my past for example.
ElM: You now desire a washing machine.
Me: Yes, I have a dryer and no washer. LOL
ElM: You can magnetize one for free.
Me: How so?
ElM: They are there. It is possible. Charity is given daily. But you understand your feelings when I said the word “charity” and you see that you would not wish to have a free washer because it is charity. You believe in giving, but not in receiving.
Me: Yes.
ElM: So you would prefer to pay a minimal sum. That is the solution you think best, so you are limiting your choices.
Me: Yes.
ElM: For the advanced student of alchemy, there is the changing of energy into other atomic structures. St Germaine speaks of turning ore into gold and this can be done by all of you. You believe a process of high pressure is the only way to turn coal into gold but that is nonsense. Your science is limited and it makes you believe in limitations. It has been done already by some upon earth – the changing of ore into gold. Water into wine. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat, so to speak. Magic is very possible.
You have shut off your computer with your mind as it has a crystal chip in it. Understand that as all your technology becomes more crystalline, you can effect it yourselves. It is a question of learning to work with it, and that has to do with frequency. When in a bad mood, you find your computer acting up. Even the software changes screens, shuts down, etc. This is due to your mood.
Me: I find my ethernet cable doesn’t work as well as the wifi.
ElM: Because you wake up in a bad mood, my child. You are affecting the chip and the limited connection is more affected than wifi which can work independently of your mood.
Me: LOL Waking up with low blood sugar.
ElM: Try re-inserting the ethernet cable when your mood has improved. It will function better. You have no idea of the impact your fields have on devices around you.
Me: Thanks. This is very interesting. If I can think of any other examples to ask you, may I?
ElM: Of course. I stop at nothing to show you your godly self.
Me: Thank you, Father.
ElM: I AM El Morya.

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.

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