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Gaia is balanced, breathing, clear, and at deep peace.

Gaia is balanced, breathing, clear, and at deep peace.

Aieshla of Oceana.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

May 17th, 2020.

 am Aieshla of Nova Gaia. 

I have talked with this one previously but not for some time. I am summoning this clarion call of love to you from the oceanic world of Nova Gaia. It is trickier to channel under the sea but I believe this channel is up for the challenge!

(I will do my best, Aieshla! I am seeing a golden city with bubble-like structures of crystal surrounding them. I am seeing merfolk of all colors swimming, happy. The fish are bright colors, there is no coral because it is too deep. I am seeing beams of sunlight being harvested from the sun shining directly into the bubble roofs so that there is plenty of light. The ocean hums with life and happiness. The merfolk look busy and happy, there is much to do but they are enjoying doing it. It is a peaceful place. There is a stillness here).

Yes! I am Aieshla of the Oceana realm of Nova Gaia. I speak to you now as representative of my people. We wish to welcome you to your new vibratory home, those of you who have chosen the higher and narrow path of ascension. It is a lonely road, but in this loneliness true inner peace with the golden one within, is made. Such is the treasure at the end of the proverbial rainbow. There are many rainbows here in Nova Gaia and we harvest their energies to power our ships. 
(I am seeing underwater ships. Their ships are aquatic and completely climate controlled to their needs, yes, they are able to travel to the stars). Yes, we can travel to the stars, but we mostly prefer to stay and help to build and co-create the new realm, Oceana, with our ascended human ones. (I am seeing that humans are already on Nova Gaia, that it is co-existing as I type).
I am Aieshla, I hope that you have enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our beautiful city that is expanding and growing in joyful purpose day by day. At this point, the oceans have been recently cleared and cleansed from human debris and the aquatic life is very healthy, teeming with life. Gaia is balanced, breathing, clear, and at deep peace. She is at peace for her children are finally home, at peace within the inner waters of their own souls for the war is no more. 
It is like a dream that is easily forgotten, only lessons remembered. If one chooses to deeply remember they may go to the library but after the cleansing and the healing that is not really necessary and most people choose to move onward and create anew. For the universe is always creating. Source is always expanding. There is much to do in busy Oceana. There is never a dull moment but there are many moments of delightful peace and still purpose of being. Everyone here knows their inner connection with Source and freewill is not violated in any form. The dark ones have been forcibly or willingly removed as they cannot vibrate this high.
Would you like to see my garden? (I am seeing neatly cultivated columns of floating seaweed of many colors that are used for medicinal purposes. I am seeing also rows of mollusks in between the rows. The plants are alive, the clams and snails are very happy with cleaning the seaweed. It is cohesive relationship). The plants offer their nutritional value and share their power with all who need it. We do not eat the sea creatures here but they are our friends. We work with them alongside them, tending Gaia’s garden. 
I am an herbalist. I prepare poultices of the various oceanic plants for those in need. There is no sickness here but we harvest further inner healing energies so that those who are injured from their escapades of adventure can heal more quickly. There are many ways to utilize the medicinal properties and molecular compounds of the varieties of sea plants. It is my joy to research and create new poultices for the surface and inner world of Nova Gaia. 
I have been doing this for 2 years now. I have one more year before my internship is complete and then I will enjoy learning a new endeavor of my own choosing. I will pass along my knowledge so that all will benefit and I will train the apprentice who is to follow. I hope to continue studying the plants but perhaps I will learn new ways to harvest and cultivate? 
I would enjoy learning more about how to do this on our aquatic ships so that transport of these plants and seedings to other star systems would be possible! I wish for you to feel the excitement in this, there is never a dull moment here in the multiverse. You will never lack for anything, there is plenty of excitement that you can build and create of your own choosing. 
I am tremendously excited to be able to participate in this underwater channeling. This one does not routinely like to channel underwater, the bubbles get in the way and if there is any murkiness others can slip through and hijack more easily. But this is a clear channel message because these are crystal clear waters of Oceana, my home. 
I am so thrilled to reach out and touch you, ascending ones on your current Gaia! All will be well. See, there is much joy and excitement to yet reach for. Reach within. The vibratory rate that you seek is within you. Reach within. Find the still, crystal clear waters of your new home and be at peace.
I am Aieshla of Oceana. 
I touch my third eye to yours. I apply my newest poultice creation to further activate your intuitive abilities. You are nearly home. Please come and visit me in Oceana. It is a lovely place. The surface world has nothing on us, we like to say! Of course in your ascended human form it is easily possible to travel here, for you simply morph into your mer form. 
(I am hearing the water sing. The water is alive). 
Yes, galaxygirl. The water is also alive on your world but the controllers knew this and put chemicals in it to lessen its ability. It is very important that you cleanse your water before you drink it, that you bless it. Why don’t you imbue it with the crystal vibes of Oceana? Then you will even more feel like you are drinking in a little bit of home. I need to get back to tending my seaweeds and experiments. Thank you so much. 
Blessings abound, dear friends. My heart is yours. I love you. 
I am Aieshla.


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