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By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 23, 2020.



Beloved Souls, Greetings!

Certain that we found them in this Now within their best for the occasion, we returned to point out some more of your questions, always from the perspective of your galactic friends and family and other kind consciences.

Our selection of questions is used for tasting ideas. Be comfortable, preferably in a quiet environment, open your minds and keep to yourself what resonates best, releasing what you cannot understand or agree at that moment; consciential awakening despite being collective, always starts from being to being, according to its evolutionary rhythm. [smile]


- Everything has to do with the Planetary Transition phase because everything is part of the same thing. There will be Terrans who will feel especially more sensitive, while some others, for no apparent reason, will feel cooler, more distant, airy. There will also be those who will oscillate between these two conditions and develop new habits even.

What is relevant should be pointed out here is that it is characteristic of the moment that certain points referring to the personality of the Gaian Man will tend to become even more intense, so who already has a predisposition to sensitivity and who has the characteristic of selectivity when expressing thoughts and feelings, most likely you will go through this experience of accentuating those energies.

The best recommendation is to protect yourself so that you can recognize yourself within these new intimate configurations, before you go around saying things that afterwards do not even know how or why they said them. It is a process, it can take a shorter time here, longer there, depending on the evolution of each individual.


- It means that your new interest is beginning to emerge now, and that the divine spark that is wants to gain wings, explore other realities, and that in the beginning it is really sensibly confusing for everyone. Nobody is born knowing, you say among yourselves. We say that you just do not remember everything you already know, but to progress, to ascend is just that - it is a path, even before a destination.

In that case, go slow. Many Seekers get lost surrendering in haste, to the rush of their anxieties, compromising the good quality of the search itself. We have already told you about the benefits of Targeting over Rush, but this concept is not for everyone to understand, so we do not insist.

Read articles, watch documentaries, see lectures, films on the topics you want to better understand that, little by little, everything will start to fit, at your own pace, without any hiccups or unnecessary excesses. Nothing to compare to the others - it doesn't work! [smile]


- Quarantine is a resource that is repeatedly applied among Terrans in an attempt to restrict as few people as possible to the exposure of a serious viral condition. It seems new to them, something unprecedented and even aggressively undue, because many did not live in those days and in places where there were similar health conditions.

Still, it is a controversial method for many understandings, due to the demands that each one carries to be purified in the atmosphere of Gaia. As hard as it may seem, the truth needs to be told: many will be able to get around all of this, but others will perish, because they need these experiences to face what lies ahead - on this plane and in other parallels.

When someone accesses a certain level of understanding that is more expansive, he will be guided by the most pertinent practices for the prolongation of his missionary existence on the little blue planet. Likewise, those who have a more modest expansion of understanding will tend to neglect what they are told about safeguarding themselves from excess, and will resist head on as long as they can. It's all about the quality of experience they've had so far and everything they give themselves to - without judgment.

Do not suffer for the luck of yours. Understand that each one only faces what he needs to face in order to become someone better, in this existence or in another, and everything is fully assisted by selfless mentors, but always in respect for each person's free will. Wearing out for something that is independent of you directly is a waste of energy in itself, you see.

- The "cure" is already among you, along with the conception of the virus itself, and is in the hands of those who conceived them, as well as those who bought it, in an attempt to take advantage over other countries, according to their own interests. But, as always, greed and ideals of centralization of power did more damage than initially planned by all those involved, but they did consider the drastic reduction of the world population to their most specific plans.

When this answer will be consciously offered to them by their “governors ruled” by Density adherents, it will only depend on them. Because you are still reluctant to deal with the fact that everyone who is living there the privileges that live at your expense, is in no hurry to change anything in this scenario installed by the shadows of greed and pride. But you need to go through all of this in the best possible way, with discipline and resignation, because you also depend on these experiences to transcend the chaos that you co-created and co-created in the name of maintaining your own physical and ideological addictions.

It is exhausting, yes, it is painful, yes, but that is what Humanity needs if it wants to know another side of its own existence that so many of you request in your moments of recollection and elevation in prayers. Cleaning needs to be surgical, and it will be.


- There is no effective separation between the two themes, due to the similarity of that on which the current institutions were built by Man. Without one, the other concept is not sustainable, socially speaking. And now trying to dissociate one thing from the other is especially complicated, although possible - for an undated future; everything will depend on the moral purification of understanding of its social cells.

What happens especially in Brazil is part of that old issue of polarization of their subjects, which has been following them very closely from some of their linear years. The result of all this is the postural densification of those who give in to their primitive instincts, leaving common sense in the background.

What is indicated for the case is that they avoid free ideological clashes, especially when they want to impose on others what they think and feel in the cry - as if this were actually possible to be accomplished with the success initially envisioned. It doesn't work like that, but telling them that is fruitless when the fear for the reason they seek to spread seems to be more important than anything else.

Getting away from those in love with the densest is what they can best do for themselves. Do not comment, do not propagate, do not give them the energy of your attention. Their question is with themselves first, only after that they return to the social of which they are also part, and do not have enough clarity to understand.

Family, for today's communication we have the presence of Antarians and Essassanis who came to assist and collaborate with all of you, Pozinhos de Estrelas (Little fragments of Stars). This whole experience is shared with immense Love by your own searches, you know! And we humbly thank each beloved spark that contributes to this delicate process that certainly elevates Gaia to its best version. [smile]

Soon, news for those who adopted us as part of their ascended realities in their lives! Until then, leave your greetings to our guests from the appointment of the day. And see you soon!

Selamat Matah! (May the peace be with you!)



AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

CHANNEL NOTE: Greetings to the Antarians and Essassanis brothers! It was an honor to count on you, your light and good energy! The SIRIUS FRATERNITY certainly makes the best social in the Universe. 😊 Endless gratitude! ❤

Translated by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 

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Jordan Sather's 

All articles are of the respective authors or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.


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Segunda-feira, 18 de Maio de 2020



By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 18, 2020.



Beloved Souls, Greetings!

In the Faith that all our dear Terrans follow the flow of the positive and expansive, we have selected yet another wave of intuitions captured by the channel, through its sensitivity, for all of you. They are decrees, they are words of good cheer and encouragement to the good practices that we regularly speak to them in our meetings.

Make good use of all that energy, taking with you what seems to resonate the most and, as always, despise what fails to make sense to you. The important thing is to anchor them in their best versions, because our mission among you is essentially this. [smile]

So, all have good thoughts for this restarted weekly cycle!

⚜️ ❝Discipline is the new ‘engagement’, targeted motivation. Whoever engages in an idea will never be the idea itself, but will integrate it into his own being, and that is powerful! ❞

⚜️ ❝Optimizing an energy is putting yourself in rhythmic and synchronous fluidity with it. It can be achieved through high engagement and determination.❞

⚜️ ❝I AM Faith, Discipline and Love. I go on wrapped in the best energies and vibrations. I am in everything that I focus my attention on, and for this reason I focus on the Light of better days progressively. So it is! ❞

Desejo️ ❝The desire to betray the partner starts from points of imbalance between essences. When someone decides to venture with someone else, he has completely disconnected himself from the one he betrays.

It is possible to consider the total rupture of a relationship even before reaching such a point, but it is difficult for man to embark on this path. The tendency is to betray and, depending on the outcome of this, you may - or not - consider that the best is that each one goes to his side. Getting involved with third parties is always a potential problem. It moves the mind, the psychological, the emotional, and all of this can be very serious. Take all this into account, in the future, because today's ‘case’ may pass, but the consequences tomorrow will be etched forever in your evolutionary history.❞

⚜️ ❝ Offer your best, with humility, with love. That is the part that is up to you. What the other person will receive depends on how you find your spiritual, your emotional, your psychological - and none of that depends on you or your intentions. Your Angels tell you to do the right thing because it is what you are motivated to do. Each one will always answer for the signature he gives under everything that is available. Receive! ❞

⚜️ ❝I AM the love for the experience that transcends me. I am whole in every moment. I stick to that purpose Now and beyond. So it is! ❞

Família️ ❝Your family reigns far beyond the average understanding of man. Its essence was never just earthly, and in due course you will remember it.❞

⚜️ ❝Honor your original lineage through moral correction and fraternal service to the collective. Someone involved in such principles is certainly a Server of Light anchored at its best.

⚜️ ❝Stay faithful to the highest you can experience in your evolutionary march. Your focus determines your most objective destination.❞

⚜️ ❝Bad moments can always return when their instructional teachings are not absorbed. Replace complaints with attention to the hidden lesson in the unfavorable picture, and make adjustments.❞

⚜️ ❝It is possible to be a friend of the one you love because love itself has elements of goodwill, respect and a high degree of empathy. However, it must be said: it is not every frame of friendship that necessarily becomes a romantic relationship. Think of it as one of those truths that can be ignored, but which always reveal themselves in their essence through their own interaction. Don't force anything. If some couples out there were just good friends, they might get a better result from their relationships. If you have that opportunity, don't skip steps. Live one phase at a time, that tomorrow belongs to God - says the popular adage.❞

⚜️ ❝Angels are spiritual guardians of something or someone, being given the power to protect their guardians with engagement and unconditional love. Your Angels tell you that there are limits to your actions on your life, making it necessary for you to make practical movements for vibrational elevation and, in this way, better capture what they try to share with you, with greater fluidity. Receive! ❞

⚜️ ❝I AM the fullness in all my reflections and attitudes. I am anchored in my best version. I offer my best to everyone who crosses my path. And so it is! ❞

⚜️ ❝Stay away from victimization. The energy of 'coitadismo' is dangerous because it undermines its positive magnetism and propagates the low vibrational scale where to pass.❞

⚜️• ❝A boa manutenção energética faz parte de suas tarefas nesse Agora. Sem esse auto-cuidado, pode-se desperdiçar uma qualidade vibracional que fará falta logo mais.❞
⚜️ ❝Não é preciso ser um ‘especialista’ em relacionamentos para identificar uma relação fake e a diferenciar de uma outra mais comprometida com a legitimidade natural de todas as coisas. Logo, considere reavaliar essa necessidade íntima de sair registrando e espalhando por aí o quanto sua vida pode ser feliz e harmoniosa, sem de fato o ser. Quem precisa saber exatamente do que se passa na intimidade de seu lar é você e seu par, ninguém mais. Com uma luz boa e um filtro interessante, qualquer um, sozinho ou acompanhado, passa pra frente uma ideia manipulada. O mundo real não tem filtro – tem direcionamento.❞
⚜️ ❝Quem fala a verdade não merece castigo. A questão é: qual verdade lhe ressoa e de qual verdade está predisposto/a a abrir mão? Seus Anjos estão dispostos a lhe ajudar a ampliar sua percepção para que acesse com mais qualidade àquilo de que realmente precisa para ser feliz. Basta que você queira isso, mesmo que signifique ir contra algumas de suas próprias crenças. Receba!❞
⚜️ ❝Quando o sentimento ou pensamento de caos se abater sobre você, assuma a postura de ler* o que a mensagem lhe diz, mas não a absorva, ou seja, a identifique mas não permita que ela determine o andamento de suas atitudes. Esse corte quem tem o poder de dar é você.❞
⚜️ ❝Organize-se de modo à otimizar o andamento de sua rotina. Tudo flui bem melhor à seu favor quando você propicia condições para isso. Seus Anjos lhe pedem para que verifique o que pode fazer hoje para agilizar seus assuntos, com ações práticas. Nem sempre bastará você saber que existem coisas para fazer… será necessário pôr a mão na massa. Receba!❞
⚜️ ❝Seu sono anda bagunçado, surgindo em horários diferenciados? Tudo bem. Entregue-se, se possível, pois poderosos downloads vibracionais estão sendo realizados enquanto seu corpo físico relaxa.❞
⚜️ ❝O período letárgico do corpo físico é quando o universo sutil de seus mentores, anjos e afins vão ao seu encontro – ou você até eles – para trocar energias. Faça desses momentos de repouso um ritual para que descanse bem e, de preferência, sem interrupções.❞
⚜️ ❝Existem pessoas que precisam dormir mais do que algumas outras, apesar do que lhes dizem seus especialistas. É plenamente possível ter uma vida produtiva repousando pouco, quando há treinamento para isso e disciplina nessa intenção. Vale a pesquisa!❞
⚜️ ❝EU SOU o Amor manifesto nesse Agora. Estou presente onde sou chamado em similar energia. Sirvo ao Bem Maior que criou e recria o Universo pela eternidade. Assim é!❞
⚜️ ❝Todos os especialistas poderão cruzar seu caminho tentando lhe harmonizar os entendimentos sobre si e sobre o outro, sobre seus relacionamentos, mas se você não se propuser a fazer a coisa andar para frente, a acontecer, nada e ninguém poderá lhe socorrer. Existem pessoas que realmente se sabotam, através de posicionamentos que lhes minam as melhores possibilidades. Os relacionamentos não vingam, o serviço não anda, não progridem nos estudos, sentem-se mal sem qualquer causa aparente, e frequentemente porque decisões atraíram consequências, energias densas, pesadas. Crenças limitantes fazem tudo isso. Daí a importância em tentar identificá-las para posterior administração adequada. Simplifique a vida, e verá a fluidez positiva realizando milagres bem diante de seus olhos!❞
⚜️ ❝Quando você se organiza para que a vida torne-se algo mais leve, seu suporte espiritual encontra campo aberto para trabalhar suas próprias energias em seu favor. Seus Anjos lhe sugerem que abra portas e janelas, que permita que a luz do sol entre, que o ar circule para que a renovação vibracional realize seus pequenos milagres. Receba!❞
⚜️ ❝EU SOU a perfeição aos olhos de Deus. Invisto na humildade e bom senso no trato de todas as coisas. Realizo meus sonhos em conformidade com meu amadurecimento moral e espiritual. Assim é!❞
⚜️ ❝O Homem não se aparta da Fonte Criadora através de seus deslizes morais. Isso ocorre quando nega-se à si mesmo o melhor que sua rota evolutiva tem para lhe revelar.❞
⚜️ ❝Direcione-se para a abundância focando em seus sonhos, suas metas e na possível logística para realizá-los. Quem foca na falta, na escassez, na ausência, fortifica esses padrões e logo se tornará um cativo deles.❞
⚜️ ❝Faça a coisa certa, mesmo que isso implique em possíveis desarmonias. Se suas bases forem sólidas, relacionamento algum se desfará por conta disso. Porém, se o Amor deixar de ser legítimo, ocorrências mais sérias podem se dar. O importante é que impere a transparência e o bom senso sempre. Tentar selecionar onde ser verdadeiro e onde deixar de ser, é medíocre em qualquer configuração de relação. Seguir o bom caminho não é para ser fácil sempre, ou belo em tempo integral. Falamos aqui de energias, e elas oscilam. Falamos de sentimentos, e eles também variam. Mas o que é correto e onde impera o Amor, sempre será onde se manifesta o campo das mais expandidas possibilidades.❞
⚜️ ❝Reavalie a qualidade daquilo que se esmera em registrar por aí. Existem energias que simplesmente não merecem ser documentadas.❞
⚜️ ❝Ser digno é estar ancorado em sua melhor versão. Sempre haverá honra em buscar viver em sincronicidade com o Mais Alto, com Deus. Seus Anjos lhe dizem para que viva essa condição de buscador espiritual com dignidade, com honra, com amor – mesmo que a reciprocidade nem sempre pareça surgir em resposta imediata. Receba!❞
⚜️ ❝O poder do outro sobre a sua conduta tem a extensão que você lhe confere. Nada muda essa condição. Diante de um aborrecimento com alguém, tome providências e reassuma as rédeas de sua vida.❞
⚜️ ❝EU SOU a melhor versão de mim mesmo/a nesse Agora. Estou conectado/a diretamente à Fonte Criadora e por ela sou plenamente amado/a. Sigo em paz e feliz com tudo que acesso e conquisto. Assim é!❞
⚜️ ❝Quando você foca na benignidade da vida, o bem se apresenta com mais facilidade em sua existência. O nome disso é direcionamento.❞
⚜️ ❝Todo Servidor da Luz ativado é capaz de realizar milagres. Através de seu exemplo positivo, propicia um dos mais poderosos que existe, pois contagia todos àqueles que estão prontos para ascender.❞
⚜️ ❝Ponha-se em Amor e viva essa experiência do Paraíso na Terra. Ninguém chega à esse nível de realidade expandida e remissora senão através dessa via potencializada.❞
⚜️ ❝Mágoas são legítimos venenos que intoxicam qualquer relacionamento menos sólido. É preciso identificar ‘o inimigo’ e realizar sua assepsia com vigor cirúrgico, antes que cresça e se alastre de modo incontrolável. Sempre que tiver a oportunidade de pontuar o que pensa e sente, especialmente sobre um assunto mais sensível, delicado, faça-o. Muitas consequências indesejadas podem ser tratadas de acordo através dessa predisposição em invocar a Verdade e o Amor Incondicional.❞
⚜️ ❝Respire fundo, conte até dez, mas antes de considerar externar palavras e sentimentos rudes, lembre-se que sempre existe um outro caminho. Seus Anjos lhe pedem que verifique com maior atenção a qualidade de suas próprias energias. Muito provavelmente anda se permitindo desequilibrar por mera invigilância. Receba!❞
⚜️ ❝O Universo pertence àquele que se eleva para acessá-lo em seu Eu Sou. Através das boas práticas, sua melhor versão se manifesta. Faça acontecer!❞
⚜️ ❝Um Eu Sou ativado se sincroniza com a Paz, a Harmonia, a Fraternidade, a Gentileza, a Amizade, o Amor Incondicional. Quem vibra à margem disso, permanece estagnado até que desperte dessa letargia consciencial.❞
⚜️ ❝EU SOU a alta qualidade magnética em ação. Acesso tudo o que me é devido para amadurecer e propagar. Trafego entre as realidades existentes com equilíbrio e sabedoria, com humildade e fraternidade. Assim é!❞
⚜️ ❝Assuma sua maestria, seu soberano Eu Sou. O mundo sempre se revelará mais fluídico à partir dessa ação expandida, em auto-amor.❞
⚜️ ❝Servir ao coletivo significa colocar-se à sua disposição, à partir de seu melhor. Uma coisa independe da outra, mas em termos de fluidez, trata-se de outro nível de energia em ação.❞
⚜️ ❝Temer sua ascensão é incoerente com a essência que é. Deve temer o Novo quem criou raízes, quem firmou acordos com a densidade, através de seus próprios vícios. Esses, sim, responderão por suas práticas invigilantes à altura.❞
⚜️ ❝Você identifica coerência ou incoerência num comando através dos efeitos que tais coordenadas provocam sobre você e o coletivo. Fique alerta aos sinais, analise tudo à frio (sem paixões) e siga sua intuição. O restante ao Universo pertence.❞
⚜️ ❝O Amor está no ar para quem despertou para sua percepção. Você pode fingir que nada está acontecendo ou se engajar nesse direcionamento de busca e reconhecimento. Invoque Amor sobre si, sobre seus assuntos. Envolva de Amor o próximo, o meio e o Todo, e jamais haverá de se sentir menos valioso/a do que realmente é. Não há perdas nesse quadro, saiba!❞
Dessa forma vamos encerrando a transmissão oficial do dia, com grande satisfação por sua presença nesse Agora e muito Amor por cada um de vocês, tão engajados em sua auto-transcendência, Família. Que possamos seguir sempre assim, juntinhos em amor e luz rumo ao esplendor de suas melhores versões! [sorriso]
Selamat Bratzo! (Estejam em satisfação!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo


Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 

Main Site:

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Jordan Sather's 

All articles are of the respective authors or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.


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