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Big Pharma do everything to make sure approved coronavirus “treatments” don’t work


Big Pharma do everything to make sure approved coronavirus “treatments” don’t work

By Mike Adams.


Mike Adams

The real game plan that’s emerging now in the globalist war against humanity is to criminalize or attack all the things that might work to stop the coronavirus while making sure “gold standard” treatments approved by the FDA are medically worthless.
In other words, if something is effective against the coronavirus, it will be discredited and destroyed.
If something is not effective against the coronavirus, it will be celebrated, approved and adopted as the “gold standard” for treatment.
Want examples? Take a look at the coordinated media attack on hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that can’t generate billions of dollars for Big Pharma because it’s an off-patent generic drug that costs just pennies per dose. Before the coronavirus pandemic, this drug was widely touted as extremely safe by the WHO and FDA, and no one in medicine or the media had linked it to any increase in heart-related side effects.
But as soon as hydroxychloroquine was shown to achieve a near-miraculous survival rate for late-stage covid-19 patients — especially when combined with zinc — the pharma-controlled media was given its marching orders to attack and destroy hydroxychloroquine. Right on cue, the media began to roll out completely false reports claiming huge increases in heart damage and horrible side effects, even as some democrat governors took aggressive steps to criminalize doctors who attempted to prescribe the drug. There’s no question these governors, by the way, were ordered to take this action by Big Pharma lobbyists who also control mainstream media narratives.
In contrast to all that, the Gilead drug Remdesivir, which stands to make billions of dollars in profits for Gilead, was granted emergency approval by the FDA after the government allowed Gilead to alter the outcome goals of the clinical trial to fit the lousy results that had so far been achieved.
The drug didn’t work. It saved no lives and didn’t reduce mortality figures whatsoever. The only thing it achieved was a very slight reduction in, “time until clinical recovery.” Which means those who recovered from covid-19 did so in slightly less time, but just as many people died from covid-19 whether they were taking Remdesivir or not.
So the government allowed the clinical trial to be retroactively altered in order to match the only positive outcome that could be supported by the actual results. This is beyond scientific fraud; it’s criminal fraud. If you played the same games with your taxes, you’d be charged with felony crimes and probably have your bank accounts seized.
The antiviral medicine remdesivir from Gilead Sciences failed to speed the improvement of patients with Covid-19 or prevent them from dying, according to results from a long-awaited clinical trial conducted in China. Gilead, however, said the data suggest a “potential benefit.”
A summary of the study results was inadvertently posted to the website of the World Health Organization and seen by STAT on Thursday, but then removed.
“A draft manuscript was provided by the authors to WHO and inadvertently posted on the website and taken down as soon as the mistake was noticed. The manuscript is now undergoing peer review and we are waiting for a final version before WHO comments on it,” said WHO spokesperson Daniela Bagozzi.
In other words, they accidentally posted the real results from the failed clinical trial, then quickly had to remove the results so they could rig the outcomes and achieve rapid FDA approval.
That FDA “emergency” approval came just days later, when the FDA granted Gilead a 7-year monopoly for Remdesivir while waiving all sorts of fees typically charged by the FDA. Dr. Fauci, a puppet for the Big Pharma drug cartels, was thrilled with the monopoly rigging of the trials, as he has been cheerleading Remdesivir as the preferred treatment for covid-19 while dismissing anything that doesn’t earn huge profits for the drug giants.
It’s clear this is all rigged to maximize Big Pharma’s profit stream from human suffering. The FDA is running a criminal conspiracy with Big Pharma to eliminate anything that might be a candidate for a low-cost, highly-effective treatment, all while granting exclusive “rigged” favors for deep-pocketed drug giants whose products don’t even work.
Peak Prosperity breaks down the total fraud of the attacks on hydroxychloroquine in this video which still hasn’t been banned to YouTube, to our great surprise:
Note too that FDA-ordered raids on colloidal silver makers and chlorine dioxide advocates have sharply increased, while people who provide vitamin C or zinc are being de-platformed or even, in some cases, raided by federal agents at gunpoint.
It’s abundantly clear what’s going on here: Anything that doesn’t earn billions for Big Pharma is being censored or criminalized.
The FDA is a rogue, out-of-control drug cartel enforcer that needs to be completely dismantled, along with arrests and trials for all its top executives who have conspired with Big Pharma to defraud the United States of America and prevent natural remedies, treatments or cures from being made available to the people.
We are all living under a criminal Big Pharma regime, and Dr. Fauci is one of the cartel leaders who needs to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud and conspiracy against the United States of America, say Drs. Buttar, Shiva and Mikovits, in this Next News Network #FireFauci video report:
It won’t be long, of course, before Next News Network is banned from YouTube for daring to ask this very question.

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