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David Zebedee and More.

David Zebedee and More.

Shortened Transmission

Midwayer Chief ABC-22 (Bzutu).The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Are The Teachers

Through George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, 

October 29, 2016.

Posted February 12, 2020

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Bzutu: “We are the Urantia Midwayers. Our ranks are swollen by our formerly delinquent brothers and sisters, now no longer seen as rebellious, thank heavens. As well, we have our foreign friends — Midwayer Mathew and some of his tribe you know well — shocked by what they found here, but satisfactoraly accustomed to Urantia’s human morals and mores, off-beat humor, pet peeves and a present-day election brouhaha that needlessly threatens to have swords swinging and bullets flying even across international borders. What endless worry you humans are to us, your doting cousins!
“Almost forgot I’m introducing the eminent Scribe here. Later.”
The Scribe: “Thank you to the one who can put a brave Midwayer face on all and every circumstance. We greet you both, my students and all you readers. It is pure pleasure for Me to answer your questions.”

  • An 11:11 Progress List subsriber writes, I have closely studied the Urantia Papers since the mid 1980’s, the unrevised bible prior to that time. Whereas the UB speaks of David Zebedee, the bible (German, dated 1912) only mentiones his relatives.
George: “The questions are, why is that so and also, how important was the work of David Zebedee?”
The Scribe: “I will answer your second question first of all. David was a man with the mind and the personality born to do the job that to his reasoning became truly important for him to do as a self-appointed helper of Jesus. There was, even among the Master’s Apostles, not one who would take Jesus’ spoken word as literal as would this young man, David Zebedee.
“Younger than most, he nevertheless knew better than anyone the difference between a parable and a solid prediction. As soon as the Master had died, David counted the hours till Jesus would resurrect Himself. At the appointed hour and place he notified his 26 runners to be on their way to advise their distant contacts that Jesus had risen and that the tomb was empty — the women said it was empty and they had also seen the Master with their own eyes.
“David Zebedee was a practical man, a rather gifted organizer, trustworthy, serious, clever and most humble. The universe had picked him for the job . . . or perhaps the universe had ‘designed’ him for the job. As others kind of fell apart, mentally I will admit, David Zebedee sent his runners out on their tasks and simply informed them the work was now done. They were now dismissed.
“In short, my friends, the Teachings of Jesus would not have fared as well without David, his organizational skills and his rather carefully selected physically fit and eager messengers keeping in touch with the believers so far away.
“The bible notes what mankind remembered long after Jesus’ time and thought to be worthwhile about His Life. The Urantia Papers give you more about his Teachings and the friends and helpers that surrounded Jesus in His days. On High, David Zebedee is admired for his clear thinking and persistence at his task, even during the grimmest of grim times.
“I go now, whilst I leave you my love. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972


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