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The Tree of the Golden Light Mushaba Message: 01-29-2020

Mushaba Platinum Light
Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba





Dr. Wise and Dr. Fu Man Lu: January 26, 2020
Dr. Wise:
We come to you to share with you issues concerning health and wellness. We come as one voice however; we will each have our say. I am Dr. Wise. I am the one; the entity that spoke through the one famed in your world as Edgar Casey the “Sleeping Prophet”. I worked with Edgar for a very long time giving him health directives that helped so, so many people of earth during his time. Since then, the issues of health has taken on an entirely new level of concerns that far outweighs many former health problems people experienced back during Edgar Casey’s time. The soil has been compromised so that means the foods you eat from meats to vegetables and fruits have been compromised. This is why you are seeing so many illnesses new and old becoming very prevalent in the world. You see young people as young as infants born with diseases and defects. People are dying very, very young and this is not normal. The body has undergone so many metamorphosis to be able to adapt to the new way of living in this toxic world. Otherwise, everyone would have died off a long time ago. We look around in your world at the many, many natural and medical remedies available to humanity. Some are very good, some are ok and some are just downright criminal if you will, for they do nothing and only cause you more suffering and loss of money. There is a great deal that is being ignored when it comes to the health and wellness of the body. Diet alone cannot do it. Supplements alone cannot do it. Alternative therapies alone cannot do it and modern medicine alone cannot do it. Maybe a combination of some or all will help greatly in your health concerns. The problem that is rampant is that so many people wait far too long before they decide to take positive action with their health. They either are really sick or facing death before they get truly serious. Not enough precautions taking place, preventive health measures.

There is so much available in your world and it is overwhelming to sift through all the information that is available. Then you find that a lot of the products particularly on the natural alternative side of health, do not always meet the proper potency and frequencies for the body. A lot of them are weak and you have to constantly use them forever seems like just to try and stay up with your health. There aren’t too many that truly want to cure you, to totally heal you, but want to keep you coming and keep getting richer and richer. Unfortunately, this is also true of alternative practices as well. There are things in the world that are truly exceptional and wonderful in how they work with your natural processes of your body and your body rhythm. Before I step aside and give credence to Dr. Fu Man Lu who is a very incredible herbalist from the old days of ancient China and has cured, not helped to get better, but cured many, many maladies of the world. Here are some things to look for in choosing proper health care for yourself and others.

1. Be sure that any natural herbs and remedies are not only 100% clean of impurities but has a high concentration of potency that will do the job. Far too many are just not a high enough concentration and they don’t work or if they do, it takes your body a very long time of use to get to the level of concentration needed.

2. Be sure that whatever you take works with your bodies healing mechanism and your body rhythm. There is a great deal of deceit these days. Products are labeled 100% pure or 100% organic when that is not true. It’s your laws that allow this deceit to run rampant. All you need is a very small percentage of organic or pure ingredients and they can use the words 100%. This is just unacceptable. Do your research and talk with those of integrity and are not just trying to sell you something to make money.

3. Exercise and diet are important to your health. It can be taking short to long walks at varying paces. It can be some simple exercises and stretching. Your diet needs to consist of good food not processed foods but you know that already.

We will make recommendations at the end of this that can be of good help to everyone, for all of you on earth basically lack this very important health component. Many of you may have heard of it already. The problem with most of this kind of product is that they are very weak and do not do what they are supposed to do or advertised to do. The product we will recommend will do the job it is suppose to do. Dr. Lu and I have thoroughly checked out the products vibrationally and energetically. It passes our heavy in-depth scrutiny. It’s a good product.

Now let me introduce you to Dr. Fu Man Lu my colleague that I admire very much!

Dr. Fu Man Lu:

I give my greetings of love and health to you all of humanity. I am Dr. Fu Man Lu. I at one time resided on your earth in ancient China long ago. I have been a teacher and practitioner of herbal medicines and natural cures since I was a young child. I had a gift some would say that I was born with. As a child I would offer my advice to many sick people who would fully recover from their ailments by following my recommendations. I never sought fame and glory for my work but I only sought to heal and teach others how to heal themselves with what nature has provided for our bodies to remain in a state of perfect health. The body was not made to die ravaged with disease and illnesses. It was made by nature, by your God Given right to last in good health as long as you desired to remain on earth. Getting old and decrepit was not a part of the agreement with earth and the body. However, humans have found a way to usurp nature in kits unlimited potential to keep the body young and healthy. It introduced toxins and many other very bad conditions to the earth and therefore to the body as well. You know that the body is from earth so if you poison the earth you poison the body and if you poison the body you poison the earth.

When one takes various herbs and supplements for your health, you must be careful that the frequency matches that of the body’s frequency otherwise you cause a caustic reaction. I find it interesting that you call your herbal remedies “supplements”. This means that you are trying to supplement what is natural in your body. Herbs and natural herbal remedies “ARE NOT SUPPLEMENTS” but are a natural component to your body’s health processes. This year you are now living in of your 2020, make up your mind and decide to take your total health into your own hands. Give your body the frequencies it needs. There actually exist secrets of longevity through herbs, herbal remedies and elixirs. For instance, you have heard of Panax Ginseng correct? It is perhaps the best known herb among Chinese medicine in the world. Its job is to increase stamina and your energy levels. It has miraculous properties of restoring health. The word Panax comes from the word panacea meaning Cure All! It enhances body functions and the immune system to help adapt to the negative effects of physical and environmental stress among other things related. It decreases fatigue and improves one’s reaction time. It also help the body to fight off infection, protects the live and the heart, normalize cholesterol, improve memory, regulate blood sugar levels and improve cognitive functions and the function of hormones.

Natural Pain Relief Has a Role in Longevity

“Pain, especially chronic pain, is the number one reason why people shun exercise. However, exercise is critical to one’s health, wellbeing and longevity.  Your health plan should include exercise and treatments to resolve the underlying cause of the pain”.

Speaking of pain, here is something that can be used for underlying causes of pain.

Salicin is a compound found in aspirin. Aspirin was originally discovered in and extracted from a particular bark called White Willow bark.  White willow bark contains Salicin. It has pain relieving properties, and is also a anticoagulant, which helps prevent the formation of blood clots and thickening of the blood that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.  Major advantages of using white willow bark over the pharmaceutical aspirin; is that it does not cause gastric upset and erode the stomach lining.

Before I get to my final recommendation, I want to address the problem of hearing loss especially in elderly people.

Why does hearing wane as some people age?  It’s because the blood supply to the auditory nerve diminishes, and neural conductivity to the brain declines.  Eastern medicine has long used acupuncture to increase blood flow to the auditory region and normalize conduction, which can alleviate tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as hearing loss. However, even without acupuncture you can take steps to improve your hearing on your own.  Daily cardiovascular exercise will boost hearing function by increasing circulation overall.  The supplements niacin, or vitamin B3, helps dilate capillaries, promoting blood flow to the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear that feed the nerve.  Another B vitamin, choline, is essential for the body to produce a key neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.  If you want to find this in your foods then good sources of niacin and choline include legumes and beans, especially soy beans, wheat germ, whole grains, avocado, brewer’s yeast, peanuts, leafy greens, and fish.

Now to our final recommendation that you may have heard of! It is called: Glutathione- (https://robkellermd.com/?a_aid=10513) Link to this product!

We asked that this information be provided below for its no need of us rehashing what has been thoroughly done. However, we would like to make a comment below:

This information is important in so many ways to your health. The problem with this particular product is that most of them that are available are far inferior to the one we are recommending. Many of them only increase your glutathione levels by 35% or less while this one increases your glutathione levels to 200%! We have checked this product very thoroughly as we indicated and we feel that it is very good and will make a marked difference in your health for it is a root vital product. What we mean by this term is that it is a vital part of your root foundation to health and well being and you should not do without it.

We thank you!
Dr Wise and Dr. Fu Man Lu:
Here is the information: Glutathione!
Your Best Defense against Aging, Cellular damage and Disease
“That is the most important antioxidant in your body and why,
in a sense, it creates FEAR in the hearts, so to speak, of free radicals.”
Glutathione is a tripeptide (3-amino acid protein-like structure) composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine.
Imagine a single item that could thoroughly clean your home, wash your
clothes, purify the air you breathe, protect you against tainted food, and
defend you and your family from a criminal attack.
While such an amazing entity doesn’t exist in stores, it can be found in
every cell of your body. It’s a tripeptide named glutathione (pronounced
glue-ta-thigh-own) and it is arguably the body’s most powerful antioxidant.
It was discovered more than a century ago, but still languishes in the
shadows of mainstream medicine.
Glutathione functions as an antioxidant and an antitoxin, protecting
us from the ravages of our increasingly toxic environment and our own
foibles. In addition, it is a protector of our immune defense system and
a promoter of efficient blood flow and production, yet it is not even
mentioned in major clinical textbooks.
While some of us have been dependent on glutathione to detoxify the
effects of “one too many,” your family physician has probably never heard
about its remarkable abilities.
*In medicine and science, as in life, we are all ‘prisoners of our training' and
tend to dismiss things we haven’t learned and/or don’t understand rather
than embracing them as opportunities to expand our knowledge.
Glutathione is found in every cell of the body. It is particularly concentrated
in the liver (detoxifier) and spleen (immune defense system) but the highest
amount of glutathione is found in the skin (the largest organ in the body).
Glutathione reaches concentrations that are thousands of times that of the
commonly advertised vitamins such as C, E, and/or A.
It has multiple functions that include, among others:
Ferrying (transporting) proteins between cells and among the
compartments of a cell Effectively detoxifying heavy metals, pesticides, food preservatives and
environmental pollutants among others (Phase II Detoxification) after
the liver initially detoxifies them (Phase I Detoxification) by changing
them into FREE RADICALS.
Activating the immune (defense) systems’ Delta Forces (first responders)
to attack the invader and protecting it from self-annihilation (free radical
generation). Regenerating a wide variety of other antioxidants.
Glutathione’s major function, however, is as the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT
In fact, glutathione is:
• The most concentrated and important intracellular (inside the cell) thiol
• Low molecular weight
• Sulfhydryl-containing (primed to neutralize free radicals)
• Peptide (small protein)
• Found in all mammalian cells
• The most important free-radical trap (antioxidant) in humans


Link to this messagehttps://mushabahealth.org/product/glutathione/ 


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  • Nancy Tate <nancytreegold@gmail.com>


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