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Controlling Minds With Low Level Energy Waves

Controlling Minds With Low Level Energy Waves


Sharon Stewart

February 18, 2020


The Corona Virus was released in Wutan, China. Wutan is also the first city in China to go 5G. They did this in 2019. People are already making the connection so I confirmed this with Ashtar: They are using 5G to kill us!

I believe that the story of the virus being stolen from Canada and brought by 2 students is just a cover-up story to make us believe that the virus came from outside of ourselves. No! We are capable of producing viruses within our bodies! I’m not saying this because I’m a Canadian. In fact, I couldn’t care less as I see myself as a Vegan, not an earthling anyway.

Here are some of my posts on this as well as Ashtar’s comments:

I intuited this yesterday. They’re using 5G to kill us. Wifi already makes so many people ill. They’re controlling our minds with low level energy waves (like microwaves), so now they’re controlling our bodies.

5G, our “wonderful” wifi “advanced technology” works with our DNA (which has been altered, of course) to create lethal viruses within us. No wonder Ivo told me to move away from the cities, especially away from the American border.

5G has to stop. Chemtrailing has to stop. All of these things are being used together to create lethal spreadable diseases within us.

It’s not the animals, or eating them, this is bio-warfare and we’re the targets! We’re being used to become the creators of our own disease! If you think that’s impossible, then ask yourself what cancer is – it’s your own body gone haywire to create a disease within you. There is no virus or bacteria for cancer. It doesn’t have an external source – you create your own cancer.

Ashtar confirms this is the reality. He says not to fear it because when you fear, your DNA works less effectively to protect you from disease. Your DNA responds to your emotions. Make sure you keep your frequency high to protect yourself and others. On that point, read on.

You’re saving lives daily, and you don’t even know it. How are you doing this?

Ashtar: They (the dark ones) understand you’ll be leaving to go to 5D. They don’t really care about the higher vibrators except for the fact that you’re in the fourth dimension, which is where they are launching this final set of attacks. Your presence in 4D stops their plans from coming to fruition. So they want the lightworkers gone. Either killed off or ascended to higher dimensions, they don’t care. They just don’t want you messing with their plan.

Me: Too bad for them. Because I’m messing.

Ashtar: Your raising the vibration of the collective helps to keep people alive at this point, Sharon. Many perhaps don’t realize that. You’re holding up the organic population of humans on this planet and saving them from demise, just by being here!

Me: It feels like it some days. LOL

Ashtar: You’re intervening in their lives because you’re allowed to, by divine decree. We only wish more lightworkers would raise their vibration. That way more humans would be saved from the dark’s attempts to kill them off.

Me: So it’s not only just that the consciousness of the planet is raised, it’s that we’re keeping them alive.

Ashtar: Raising of the consciousness does keep them alive.

Consciousness is life. Lack of consciousness is death

This is why those who are going to 5D have not gone yet. Because they have to stay behind and hold a high vibration for the rest of the collective – because the rest of the collective isn’t. The collective isn’t ready to ascend, and what’s worse, are being subjected to these dark attacks because their frequency is so low.

I was contacted by one lightworker yesterday who is deliberately listening to darkworkers. Why? They’re lying. Why would you listen to them? And what’s more, come to me to tell me what the darkworker said. Oh yes, so I can be exposed to the lie as well. I seriously don’t think people take this seriously enough. Now we’re seeing what’s at stake – they’re setting up 5G all over the world to produce low level waves that will create viruses within our bodies! Isn’t that enough to get you to take it seriously? Do I have to remind people of the scalar beams they’re starting fires with in California, Australia and other parts of the world? Do I have to remind you of how Monsanto is poisoning our food supply, vaccines are causing death and vaccine injury in children… when will you start to take this seriously?

This kind of illogical behaviour is what keeps people chained to the lower timelines and this is what’s holding back the entire Ascension process – we each make a contribution. Everything every one of us says and does either moves the collective forward or backward. We have absolute one hundred percent responsibility in this right now. And so many aren’t exercising that because we still think we don’t matter. We DO matter. We came here and were born on this earth to matter, to make a difference and it’s best to step into that responsibility and take it seriously – because there’s no way to avoid it. That’s what you came here to do.

Every lightworker at this time is scheduled to either return home, reincarnate here, or to lose their reincarnation privileges. It depends on their frequency. That means if you fall to the dark side, that you will not be able to return to earth or anywhere else, and will be taken to trial on another planet and possibly incinerated in the central sun. Absolute death. This is how serious this is.

There are many lightworkers who will require to be reincarnated here again because they haven’t finished their projects, and others will just return home.

I know of one lightworker who hasn’t woken up sufficiently and is experiencing ascension symptoms now along with the rest of the earthlings. This is how effective the dark has been in waylaying many lightworkers.

The galactics can only implement change on this planet to the level that we can hold the change and incorporate it into our lives. In effect, they need our approval or acceptance, to create change just as much as the dark needs our approval in order to create the false reality of lies that they’ve been creating. Any refusal to accept the whole truth of the matter just stalls the liberation process further.

That’s why some people are awake and others are still asleep – because we believe different narratives – the Truth or the lies.

The Light tells us the truth to the extent that we can accept and incorporate it only; the dark lies in order to get us to accept that. Why? It’s because we’re the creators who have been designated to live on this planet and what happens here is a reflection of all of us collectively and is our responsibility. That’s why people have to wake up!! It’s our planet and what happens to us depends on how we think.

If we don’t have the capacity to live by the Truth, then they can’t physically remove the liars from this planet because it wouldn’t “stick” anyway. It might even backfire and work in favour of the dark!
We have to have the courage to see the Truth of what they’re doing on this planet – to the people, to the children, and that means above ground and underground. When we accept it, the galactics can move forward and implement more physical change.

That’s why ALL lightworkers MUST BE SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH. Find the narrative and stick with it. Your opinion means nothing – and can be manipulated by the dark to their advantage! So stop playing opinion games on Facebook!

Sharon Stewart

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