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What you have forgotten is you are a Universe within yourself.

What you have forgotten is you are a Universe within yourself.

Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message,

on May 8th, 2020

Dear Ones,

Those of you who feel you are right – must make others wrong. So some of you are berating those who feel the need for a facemask or other gear during this COVID-19 time. Others are certain that those without a facemask are placing everyone in danger.
What you have forgotten is you are a Universe within yourself.
It is not your job to change or to make others think and act as you do. Think of that teenage party in which you had to decide what you were willing to do to prove you were one of them – drinking, smoking, sex, drugs. Options you were exposed to but not necessarily wanting to conform to. So it is now. You have choices based on your needs and values. Are you willing to compromise those values because others tell you to do so? Or are you distancing yourself from 3D shoulds?
This phase is more about who you are than danger – or being right or wrong. For indeed, those of you who wish to exit earth will. Those who do not wish to exit will not. And those who wish to experience a health issue because it is easier than reviewing emotional pain, will. And those who do not will not.
You are experiencing the cross-over from 3D shoulds to beyond 3D powers and capabilities. Powers generated by your inner voice. You will function as you need to if you listen to your inner voice. If you do not, you will find yourself flailing as you jump from one action to another whenever the loudest 3D voice proclaims this or that the correct response.
You are you with your needs and interests. Needs and interests that have little to do with any other being.
So it is you have reached the great divide.
Does that mean anyone who does not wear a mask will become ill? No more than everyone who has unprotected sex will become pregnant or diseased. Your choice is your choice for a reason. Even though you might not necessarily understand the reason, you will know it’s right.
If you wear a mask one day because your friend says you should, but not the next because someone tells you it is not necessary, you will know you are continuing 3D actions. But if you feel like wearing a mask one day but not the next without consent or comments from others, you will know you are following your inner voice.
As with any action or thought, there are no rights or wrongs, merely you exploring actions within the framework you want to explore. Maybe you wish to become ill or remain healthy for a reason. No disease is 100% fatal. But then, if you wish to experience the illness without exiting earth, perhaps you would like to discover why.
So it is for any action or reaction, including financial security, interactions with others, freedom to be and on and on.
This is a time of discovering who you are and why. Just as you did at your first significant teen party. And just as testing the waters of whatever action was promoted at that party did not ensure you would experience the same for the remainder of your life, so it is now. The difference is you likely made your decisions at that teen party based on what you had to do to remain part of the “in” group.
You are now making decisions based on your inner voice that has little to do with social acceptance. It is you – unvarnished you. Not who you should be or want to be – but who you are.
COVID-19 is displaying this. For if you find others waver according to this or that media report, they are much like a 3D teen. But if they are doing so because it feels right within them, they are of the new.
There are no overriding rules of rightness or even popularity. There is just you. So it is time for you to function as you want.
As we have stated previously, it is almost as if you are reverting to your infant or toddler days. You are who you are despite who others want you to be. You cry, laugh, giggle, explore, pout, and say what you feel. It is you in the raw.
So it is you are discovering new you with not a little surprise. For it has been decades since you have dared be you.
That thought might be frightening for you have no idea if new you will be acceptable to anyone.
When you were a toddler, you did not care for you knew what you did and said was right for you. So it is now.
Allow yourself to forget your social training and return to the real you. That is what this phase is about. No rules. No shoulds. No shame. No guilt. Just you. 

So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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