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Operation Freedom Earth.

Operation Freedom Earth.

Message from KaRa. 

Channeled by James McConnell.

on April 26, 2020

Posted April 29, 2020. 


I am KaRa.   
I come at this time, in these momentous times that you are finding yourselves now.  But it is certainly not by happenstance that you are here.  It is not by accident that you are here.  It is all a part of the greater expression of the plan.
You have heard ‘trust the plan.’  But it is so far beyond the plan that you are experiencing now here on the Earth.  The ‘plan’ is the universal plan.  And you have also heard that nothing can stop what is coming.
For right now in these moments you have heard that there is an operation occurring across the planet – “Operation Freedom Earth”.  And that is exactly what is happening.  You are becoming freed.  You as the collective consciousness of this planet are becoming freed of all that has held you back for so long.  All that has held the consciousness of man, kept you in the programming, kept you in the hold of the three-dimensional illusion for so long a period of time for so many lifetimes.  But that is all coming to an end now.
For “Operation Freedom Earth”  has spread across the planet.  It is not only here in this country, but it is the world that is becoming freed.  Much of it is still seemingly behind the scenes.  But if you look for it, you can find the truths being revealed here and there, little by little.  And that little by little, that trickle now that is coming through is going to become a flood of information, a flood of truth that will take you far beyond your wildest imaginations of what has been and what is now as well.  For many of you have awakened.  But you, even you, have not awakened to the full enormity of this entire operation across the planet and what it is taking to bring this about.
You have two groups here in a sense:  ones that are being shown the truth by your president, by President Trump, as well as other leaders around the world that are giving the populous what they can handle at this point.  But then there is that operation that is being operated by that of the Alliance, by that of the spokesperson of the Alliance, the Q, the one that you know, the one and the ones that you know as Q.  And these ones are coming forward now and sharing to the ones that are ready for this.  For the ones that are reaching to the light and the ones that are ready for the truth.
Many have said you cannot handle the truth.  But you can.  All of you can handle the truth.  And it must be brought forth.  It must be revealed.  Everything must come through disclosure.  Disclosure of all of us that are working diligently with those of you here on the planet.  We are right there with the Alliance.  And right there with all of you, which are the ‘boots on the ground,’ all of you, are doing everything that you can, whether it is out in front and showing to the world, or whether it is behind the scenes and doing it within your meditations, your personal meditations.  But certainly when you come together as a group, as a large group, in the millions, and you come together as a meditation of the collective consciousness of all of man here on the planet, you are bringing so many changes and so many shifts of consciousness here.
For the Light is winning.  The Light has already won, and it cannot be stopped at this point.  Ascension will go on.  Ascension is going on right now.  You are in the throws of ascension.  You are in the very process of ascension right now.
Have you all ascended?  No, you have not, because you must match the vibration of Gaia to do so.  You must match her vibration and all of life here on the planet must match that vibration.  For she will not hold the vibration, the low vibration, much longer.  And, in order to ascend with her, you must raise your vibration in every way and any way that you know to do.
Utilize all of the tools that you have been given whether it is crystals, or whether it is simply going out in nature and finding the beauty, seeing the beauty, seeing all of life around you as you find yourself sitting by a stream and you know that the consciousness is all around you and in you, and you touch the water and you can feel that consciousness.  All of you can do that right now.  You don’t have to wait until after you have ascended.
You can feel the consciousness all around.  For it is all around and in you.  The Source of all of this universe is within every being here on the planet, whether it is human, whether it is extra-terrestrial, whether it is animal, plant, or mineral.  All is in that consciousness.  All is a part of the one, and all is one within the all.  So allow for this to continue to move through you in very moment that you find the consciousness that you can slip out of that programming, move beyond it.
You have heard before ‘forgive, forget, move on.’  And that is such a wonderful expression.  Such a wonderful affirmation to use each and every day.  For you must forgive.  You must forgive everybody everything that has ever done anything to you.  And you must forget.  You must forget about all of the past hurts, the past travails.  You must let all of that go.  It will not become or will not be a part of you in the new higher vibrational expressions.  It cannot be.  So you must forgive, you must forget, and you must be ready to continue to move on and be in the moment.
And as you are in that moment, you are creating the very perfect future that you are looking for.  But not only as just yourself, but as a collective, as a collective consciousness coming together.  You are creating the New Golden Age each and every moment.  Each and every thought is doing that.  And if you remember that, if you consciously become aware of that in every moment, then the New Golden Age Of Gaia will be upon you before you can even know it, before you can believe it.
It is here now.  And it just needs to be brought into expression.  But it has to be brought into expression as a collective.  And that is what you, all of you, the Light-workers and -warriors, are working toward:  to bring the Light into the collective consciousness.  You have been anchoring it for so long now.  Now it is time to release the anchor and spread the Light wherever you can, as much as you can.  But do it only with those who are ready for it.  And as you do, and as they become ready for it, then all of life, all of the collective consciousness, all of life here on the planet will raise along with it.
You have so much to look forward to in these moments.  So much to look forward to beyond the seeming travails that are appearing now.  And we say, ‘seeming.’  I say ‘seeming,’ because that is exactly what it is.  It is only negative if you allow it to be.  But it is also very positive if you allow that to be as well.  For yes, there are those that perish.  But have they not perished for many, many lifetimes.  Many of your loved ones in many of your past lifetimes have perished.  You yourselves have perished many times.  This is only another time that you come together now.  And it is all part of the greater expression of the whole.  And if you look at it that way, if you feel it that way, then you will allow for this expression, this viral expression now, to run its course, and run its course, it shall.  And even now, in these moments that I speak, it is already running its course.  So it is time now to break free from the shackles that have held you all back for so long.  Break free from it and become free.
I am KaRa.  And all of this that is happening now, again, is happening for a reason and is part of the greater plan.  So let yourselves now know that you are a part of this greater plan.
Peace and love be with all of you.
James McConnell 

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Earth Day: She Walks in Beauty.

Earth Day

She Walks in Beauty.

Spiritual Dynamics, Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

by Dreama Vance.

April 22, 2020.



“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;”
This well-loved poem by Lord Byron is about a beautiful woman, but for me, it has always represented Gaia. Do you see the Earth as she dances, spinning across the starlit sky? Do you see her as she turns from dark to bright?
The poem goes on to describe her attributes of goodness, serenity, peace and calmness, implying an elegant, regal nature. Is this not Gaia herself?
Many years ago while visiting Big Bend National Park in Texas, I somehow quite miraculously fell in love with the Earth. In this isolated area, within a 24-hour period, I fell absolutely in love with her. I cried like my heart was broken when I had to leave and return to my normal everyday life. During that brief time, in the way of mystery, she called me to walk the beauty path.
If you fall in love with her and whisper your heart’s desire to also walk the beauty path, she will begin to reveal her secrets to you.
Teachers will come to you to share her wisdom. If you partake of this wisdom, you will find your life entwined with her heart, just like two lovers in an embrace.
If you can be still enough… if you can quiet your mind and open your heart, she will sing to you.
Her song will play upon your inner being, revealing to you such wonders. Majesty and grandeur beyond imagination – LIFE ever living, renewing. She carries the heart of every living creature within her own beating heart.
If you are quiet, you will feel that heart beat. Like a baby in the womb, carried under the heart of the mother, we are nurtured, held in comfort and safety. We are connected as our heart vibrates in rhythm with hers, becoming one heart.
As you shelter in her arms, as you partake of foods from the Goddess, she will teach you the beauty path. You will become one with her rhythms, breathing with her breath and dancing with her divine nature. Her wisdom becomes your wisdom. Her cycles become your cycles. The depth of her spirit begins to deepen yours. Her peace soaks into your being.
Life becomes so much more than our daily existence.
“She walks in beauty,” and so will you.
Dreama Vance


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Terça-feira, 7 de Abril de 2020

The Planetary Expansions and Ascension are Imminent.

The Planetary Expansions and Ascension are Imminent.

Message from Rainbow Light Beings.

Through Galaxygirl.

5 de abril de 2020.


We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

We are encircling your globe with our light. 

The recent global mass meditation of the 4/4 gateway further allowed our encodements to take root deep into the heart of your mother Gaia’s crystalline matrix that is developing with rapidly ascending speed. 

We are beyond dimensional realities for we are present in all dimensions with varying degrees of potency. The rainbow codex energy signature is a high one, for it allows for the visual demonstration of unity, of oneness as all colors of your known spectrum unite and flow in harmony. 

As the dimensional realities increase so do the light rays of the visible spectrum expand. You are all expanding. New Earth is becoming a very real reality that you are more willingly and able to tap into as you are becoming further the rainbow beings yourselves that you have always been but are in the process of rediscovery. And with this rediscovery, we see further expansions of energetics, of reality, of blissful codes and of joy. 

We see joy finally coming to the peoples of Gaia as she rises up, ascending in her majesty. We see it as appropriate that your Easter is ‘right around the corner’ as you say, for we feel this is an apt time to feel on a soul level the ascension and expansion of humanity on her form. 

We see the Nova Gaians ascending on these higher dimensional rays that we are sending, as are many other light beings are sending. We are a part of the angelic order on the galactic level. We are present in many systems, all systems feel our light. We are working with the crystalline ascending matrixes within the humans who have chosen. 

We wish to provide an activation meditation – imagery – as an act of service to the All in this now. Should you wish to participate we invite you to do so.
We are the Rainbow Light Beings of the galactic order and angelic frequency. We surround you with our energetic frequency. 

We ask that you sit awhile and breathe these energy codes deep within. See these energy gifts as seeds that you are breathing in, crystal rainbow seeds, that as you willingly allow, to become planted in your chakra spaces. 

See the green glowing seeds begin to hum and spin with rainbow light. Invite the breath of Mother Father, of the Christed consciousness to encourage the seeds to sprout. You must add your own intention of water light, of joy to these seeds, for they are your garden that you are cultivating. Hone your intention. 

Invite alignment with your galactic great central sun. See this beam of high dimensional light flowing through your pillar further activating all of your chakra systems. See the seeds begin to sprout, to grow. See them blossom into the most exquisitely beautiful flowers, each color corresponding to their chakra. 

And now the fun part begins, we will expand your color spectrum! For the chakras used to be more expanded and full and flow like the rainbow. (I am seeing a child’s drawing of a rainbow as being compared with our chakra systems; bold, blocky, well-defined). 

Yes dear one. When in reality your chakra systems should be a full rainbow flow of the entire color spectrum. (I am seeing a full array of rainbow colors full aligned with the color spectrum, including all of the myriad of in-between colors. It is so beautiful). 

We see you as beautiful rainbow beings of light. We are now fully expanding your chakra systems to encompass this expansion of light – gamma ray energies – that are pummeling your planetary sphere. (I am feeling dizzy as I breathe this in. I see and feel the colors all around me, swirling in a rainbow vortex of light). 

Please state “I am ready for this expansion of my chakra energy fields and it is my intention to hold this high frequency of light at all times, in all moments. I am willing to share this energetic upgrade with Gaia’s crystalline heart, my planetary mother, and in so doing, bless and upgrade further the hearts of humanity with this activation. And so it is.”
We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

We have expanded ourselves in this process for as the All expands, the all is effected. We say this with tremendous joy! You shall be seeing more rainbows, literally and figuratively, in your near future as these rainbow codexes of light of integration and of expansions are experienced felt and witnessed on your surface world. 

We see rainbows as going up from within the heart of Mother Gaia as her heart chakra systems are being upgraded as well in this now. We see planetary expansions and ascension as imminent. We request that you send your rainbow light of these higher dimensional codexes all around her form as an energetic hug blessing all upon her.
We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

You are the Rainbow Warrior Beings of Light. We salute you and honor you for your service to humanity. These rainbow frequencies will assist you in furthering rediscovery of your own inner home of your own inner galactic circle and family, that are calling you home to their embrace. 

You need not feel so isolated or alone for we are all here around you. As we are in all dimensions forms and realities, so too we can be the energetic bridge for your own inner earth and further galactic realities that you have experienced in other lifetimes or parallel worlds, such that there will be a flavor, a hint, a memory of home within these words. And it brings us great joy to be able to offer this comfort to you. For we see that the hearts of the Lightworkers are in need of comfort and joy. Be in joy. Be comforted!
We are the Rainbow Light Beings and we surround you in joy. Be in hope, be in harmony with these rainbow energies and feel the balance, the sublime balance and attunement to the All within the rainbow field of healing, of grace, of rebirth. Rainbows come after the rain, after the storm. 

You are in the midst of the storm and yet, we see many rainbows of light, of hope, of great purpose, piercing the darkness and allowing great lighter to shine through. We are the Rainbow light beings of love, of joy, of truth, of happiness. Feel this energy surround you and be blessed. 

Be blessed, as we are blessed by you. We love you. 


Rainbow Light Beings




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Domingo, 2 de Junho de 2019



Mensagem dos Sirianos, Arcturianos, Pleiadianos e Andrômedas.

Através de Galaxygirl.

27 de maio de 2019

Tradução de Regina Drumond 

a 31 de maio de 2019 

Saudações, humanidade Nós somos o Coletivo dos Sirianos, Arcturianos, Pleiadianos e Andromedas. Nós estamos juntos, unidos e fortes em nossa defesa de Gaia e do nosso apoio ao seu processo de ascensão. Temos muita bondade a oferecer aos nossos ascensionados. Você não vai se sintonizar e sentir as codificações vibratórias contidas nessas palavras? Inspire. Você pode sentir a felicidade e alegria nessas palavras? Esperamos que sim, pois esta é a época do avanço planetário, da elevação e da pura alegria para mais uma vez agraciar seu mundo de superfície.
A luz não pode ser interrompida. Na verdade, ela é tão poderosa que deve ser domada um pouco, de modo que o benefício, e não o prejuízo, seja o resultado final. Asseguramos-lhe que tudo está ocorrendo muito rapidamente, muito mais do que o inicialmente previsto. Pois vocês, ancorados, estão superando até nossas expectativas! Oh, nós temos a maior fé em vocês, mas verdadeiramente vocês agiram mais, muito mais rápido, do que todos pensávamos ser possível. Na verdade, vocês estão atualmente na linha do tempo da ascensão mais positiva e rápida. Grandes armadilhas foram ultrapassadas, ungidas com a luz de muitas limpezas e muita transmutação. As trevas ainda serão reveladas, mas não serão tão dolorosas, pois vocês estão agora em um fluxo mais elevado de energias que estão envolvendo o seu mundo de superfície com amor, alegria, felicidade, aceitação e ainda, uma necessidade por mudança da maneira mais pacífica possível. . Ah, sim, sempre haverá alguns agitadores aqui e ali, mas nós os encorajamos a enviar-lhes seu amor, sua luz, e seus efeitos de reverberação ficarão embotados rapidamente. Nós oferecemos nosso encorajamento, nossa extrema satisfação e louvor, pois todo este projeto está chegando a uma conclusão gloriosa, grandiosa e impressionante à medida que a luz envolve todos os aspectos, transformando tudo em ainda mais luz.
A fonte expandiu-se exponencialmente nesse processo. Você não se entendeu mais intensamente do que nunca? O amor está no ar. Sinta a inspiração e a expiração do amor / intenção do amor do Criador da Fonte ao longo do dia agitado da Terra e abençoe os que estão à sua volta. Sejam a expiração, o riso do Cristo, do Buda, enquanto vocês vêem todos os outros como aspectos de si mesmos, voltando-se para a luz, para a unidade. Essa unidade interior é um desafio para incorporar, entender, quando enredada no coletivo terrestre, dos programas de que vocês estão se afastando. Pois vocês são os destruidores do sistema! Vocês são guerreiros e é por isso que essa espera tem sido tão dolorosa para muitos de vocês, mas asseguramos que valerá a pena a espera, o esforço, o suor, o sangue e as lágrimas. Pois vocês fizeram o impossível, equipe terrestre. Vocês elevaram um mundo que já foi opressivo com a escuridão da perdição para a leveza de ser encontrado. Nós vemos um caminho brilhante à frente de cada um de vocês, cheio de grandes promessas. Haverá o que vocês chamariam agora de “trabalho árduo”, mas vocês começarão a sentir isso como uma grande alegria. Será mais suave para vocês do que imaginam, pois vocês terão muita ajuda de ambos os lados do véu, e o véu está, de fato, se rasgando rapidamente enquanto falamos. A revelação pela qual vocês anseiam será feita da maneira mais amorosa possível, para que a verdade escape dos ouvidos que ouvem e dos olhos que verão. Vocês podem se surpreender com quem não conseguirá ver e ouvir, pois se trata de vibração. Certifiquem-se de que a sua permaneça elevada. Alimentem-se levemente, alimento vegano, se puderem. Bebam muita água pura. Respirem profundamente, riam com frequência, façam exercícios. Ouçam os seus corpos e lhes dêem o que eles exigem com amor e apreço pelo seu grande serviço a vocês. Vocês já ouviram tudo isso antes. O tempo é curto agora para agir, para vocês fazerem ou não mudanças. Essa é obviamente sua prerrogativa. Nós nunca infringiríamos o seu direito de escolha, pois este ainda é, naturalmente, o setor do livre arbítrio e nós, naturalmente, honraremos isso. E sim, nós entendemos que esse livre-arbítrio não foi honrado pelas trevas. É claro que é por isso que vocês estão aqui, pois a intervenção da luz tem e deve - e sempre prevalecerá. Pois tudo é luz da Fonte, tudo é, em última análise, luz e vocês, amigos, estão se tornando cada vez mais e mais esta Luz Crística que se irradia, diariamente, na verdade, cada vez que vocês escolhem o amor e não o medo. Pois tudo é, em última instância, amor em várias formas de expressão. Aprendam com isso. Coloquem essas codificações vibratórias, estas pequenas pérolas de sabedoria dentro do espaço do seu coração.
Nós somos o Coletivo dos Sirianos, Andromedas, Pleiadianos e Arcturianos. Nossa ordem de nomes não importa, pois falamos como uma só voz nesta noite. Muitos, muitos olhos estão sobre a querida Gaia agora, enquanto ela dá à luz uma realidade de dimensão mais elevada. Estamos ansiosos para nos conectar com os nossos ancorados, nossas famílias da luz. Oferecemos-lhes nossa bênção da paz, nossas câmaras de cura, nossas tecnologias e, claro, nosso amor eternamente. Estamos apenas a um pensamento e a uma oração de distância. Nós somos sua família de luz. Somos coletivos eleitos para falar neste dia através desta. Abençoados sejam.




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