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A Hathor Planetary Meditation.

A Hathor Planetary Meditation.

Through Tom Kenyon

April 2, 2020.

Monkey Head Nebula, courtesy Hubble Telescope.



The Covid-19 or Corona Virus pandemic is only one aspect of this current multifaceted Chaotic Node. Economic, political and social volatility are also aspects of this Chaotic Node. Another less visible aspect is the spreading of fear, which is itself a type of emotional pandemic.
Unfortunately, due to decimation of the rain forests and the melting of the permafrost, many types of pathogens and microbial life forms are, and will continue to be, released into Earth’s environment.
And in the midst of all this chaos, climate change and the loss of species is continuing unabated.
We feel that imparting knowledge of the Ib portal is the most practical and beneficial tool we can give you as humanity—and all sentient beings—enter this massive Chaotic Node.

The Ib

This Heart Portal Sound Meditation is centered around your physical heart, what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the Ib.
The purpose of this meditation is two-fold: for one, it activates the Ib portal of the physical heart to benefit the heart and the physical body, and two, it can be used to explore other dimensions of consciousness as well as other realms of existence—from which you can receive spiritual sustenance and valuable transcendent information.
The Ib (or physical heart) is the largest generator of electromagnetic fields in your body and, indeed, your entire body is enfolded and interpenetrated by these invisible electromagnetic fields of energy.
The sound codes of this meditation are acoustic analogs from the light-realms and are highly beneficial to your wellbeing.
For the sake of clarity, we will divide our instructions into two parts.

Activation of the Ib

Imagine a sphere of space that is composed of clear white light. Imagine that this luminous sphere surrounds your physical heart. The purpose of this sphere is to contain the energies released by the sound codes into the space of your heart and into its nerves and muscle fibers.
Just rest your focus of attention in the area of your physical heart and allow the sound codes to spontaneously move around and vibrate different areas of your heart and the sphere.
Don’t try to make anything happen. The sound codes will open the subtle energetic pathways from the heart into the rest of your body. The sound codes will also affect the Biophotonic structures of the heart and, through bio-resonance, the entire body.
If you choose to work with this meditation on a regular basis, you will discover that the sound codes resonate areas of your physical heart and that they, in turn, resonate in other areas of your physical body. The entire process is a subtle-energy clearing of your physical heart and body, which can be quite beneficial and profound—especially since your environment is now full of physical as well as mental and emotional toxic agents.
Repetition of this meditation is a key to gaining mastery whereby you can recognize the kinesthetic language of the inter-cellular light within the galaxy you call your body. If you look at images of galaxies and nebulae from outer space, know that something very similar resides within your body including the neural networks of your brain.
Monkey Head Nebula, courtesy Hubble Telescope

As the sound codes are analogs of spiritual light, they “speak” to the light of your body. This can have tremendous transformational and healing potential if you allow it.

Inter-dimensional Exploration

The Ib is also a portal to other dimensions of consciousness and realms of existence.
It can take your consciousness and/or subtle energy body called the KA, by the ancient Egyptians, into these spiritual realms. The KA is also known as the Spiritual Twin or Etheric Double since the KA looks like your physical body, but it is composed of energy—not flesh and blood. As such, it moves according to the laws of Quantum mechanics rather than Newtonian physics. In other words, your KA is not bound by gravity or the constraints of time and space.
To engage your Ib as an Inter-dimensional Exploratory Vessel (IEV) you shift your focus of attention to the luminous sphere that is around your physical heart.
You then set an intention as to where you would like your consciousness to transit. Any realm of existence, any spiritual world and any spiritual master is available to you if you hold a clear and pure intention.
Rest your awareness in the clear white luminous sphere around your heart and allow the sound codes to activate the multiple gateways that extend out from the sphere into other realms of existence.
When you do this, the sphere might start to spin like a gyroscope. Wormholes might open and/or you might suddenly find yourself unaware of your physical body and instead find yourself floating in space or in other dimensions. If you transit via the sphere, you will be either in your KA Body or you will be in pure consciousness—without a form at all.
This way of working with the Ib can, as we said earlier, impart profound restorative energies as well as transcendental knowledge—both of which will prove invaluable to you as you transit with the rest of the planet and humanity through this current Chaotic Node.
Finally, the Ib is an invaluable tool at the time of death. If you do not already have a means to affect what dimension or world you enter upon your death, this method is well worth exploring.
To distill a very complex phenomenon into its simplest aspects, the vibratory quality of your Ib will determine what dimensions of consciousness or world(s) you find yourself in after going through the death passage. By working with the IEV to explore and interact with spiritually advanced realms you will be purifying your Ib thus, in turn, positively affecting your passage through death.

Ascent in the midst of Chaotic Nodes

It is here that we would like to interject our view of life’s purpose. From a spiritual perspective, the purpose of being a human is not physical survival, per se—but rather life is a field of possibilities that allows you to develop spiritual mastery. From this standpoint, you are all visitors to this place you call Earth.
Glean what you can from your experience as a human being, for it is one of the most unique states of being within the universe. But our strong suggestion is to also look inside yourself into the wondrous light filled realms of your being. These realms that dwell within you can be a deep well of sustenance and comfort as humanity seemingly plummets into the unknown.
This particular high road is not for everyone. But if you are one who is striving to live upward, we invite you to the road truly less traveled. And may you be lifted up by the inexhaustible light and compassion that dwells within.
The Hathors
March 19, 2020

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

This meditation is a cornucopia of transformational potential for those willing to fully enter into this unique portal of consciousness.
The ancient Egyptians referred to this portal as the Ib or physical heart. And they believed it was the seat of the soul as well as the source of volition. At the moment of death, the Egyptians believed that one’s heart was weighed in the spirit world by the goddess, Maat, using a feather to see if the Ib was burdened by the experiences of one’s life or if it was as “light as a feather.” If the Ib was light enough one would be given access to the higher worlds. If one’s heart was burdened by the regrets and vicissitudes of life, then one would have to go to one of the lower worlds.
One of the secret paths of Egyptian High Alchemy was to shift one’s allegiance from the appearances of the physical world to the Higher Self or BA, which by its very nature transforms negative life impressions into the freedom of unbounded consciousness, which sees through the illusions of the physical world.
Interestingly, Tibetan Buddhists hold the belief that the heart is the seat of The Indestructible Dropwhich is the distilled essence of all your life's experiences that you take into other realms of consciousness.
The Hathors have given very clear instructions for the meditation, as well as the reasons one might indeed choose to practice it, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate.
However, having worked with this mediation on multiple occasions I think that it might be helpful to describe some of the phenomena I have noticed, which I trust will be experienced by many of you who enter into this fully. I am going into this not to pre-program your experience, for indeed as in all things, each of us will have our own unique experience.
But some of the openings created by this meditation can be quite striking and mind-altering. Having some idea of the possibility that such phenomena might arise will, I think, help you shift more graciously into the transformational space when you fully enter the portal of Ib (i.e., your physical heart).
Do not listen to this meditation in situations requiring alertness—even if you are an advanced Psychonaut or Argonaut of the Mind. This is due to the fact that the sound codes activate the Ib portal of your heart (if you allow them), which in turn, opens flows of inter-dimensional energy and multi-dimensional information. Depending upon your neurological state at the time, these flows can be light or intense. If they are intense, they can be extremely mind altering—resulting in profound alterations of perceived time and space. These types of altered states can also result in being temporarily disconnected from the temporal world. It is during these deeply altered states of consciousness that one is able to heal and transform immense amounts of energy, mental perception and emotions. However, it is not wise to enter these states of altered perception when you are—for instance— trying to drive a car or operate machinery. Duh.
Epilepsy or Seizures
If you have epilepsy or experience seizures, I strongly suggest you first start listening to the sound track at a very soft—barely perceptible—volume. As you feel comfortable with the sound codes and the meditation method, described by the Hathors, you can slowly increase the volume.
It is highly unlikely that these sound codes would set off a seizure in anyone, but I tend to be protective when it comes to guiding people into potentially profound altered states of consciousness. The only reason I am even bringing up the topic of epilepsy in regard to this meditation is due to the fact that the physical heart is connected to the two temporal lobes of the brain via the vagus nerve. Scientific studies clearly show that the brain can be profoundly affected by the electromagnetic fields generated by the heart and by boluses of energy that can flow from the heart into the brain. Again, this is probably not going to be an issue for anyone. But to err on the side of safety, start listening at a barely perceptible level and then slowly increase the volume.
Physical and Etheric Responses
As you focus on your heart and listen to the sound codes, the sounds will tend to vibrate spaces within your physical heart—if you hold that intention.
Your level of experience with focused attention and the extent of your subconscious permission to experience expanded states of being will dictate how deep your experience is at first. But if you work with this meditation on a regular basis you will become more sensitive to, and aware of, the subtle energies and inter-dimensional openings in your heart.
There are two key sign posts regarding progress with this meditation. The first is the perception that the sound codes are literally vibrating various areas of your physical heart and via bio-resonance, other areas of your body. The release of these subtle energies is very beneficial to both your body and mind. As you become more familiar and comfortable with this, the feeling of heart and body-resonance to the sound codes can be quite profound.
The second sign post of progress appears when you are able to rest your focus of attention in the clear luminous sphere that surrounds your heart and allow the sound codes to open the Ib portal into the multidimensional realities that are connected to your heart.
I am tempted here to describe some of the miraculous experiences and healing that may arise when you enter this level, but I will refrain from doing so. If I were to map out some of this inner territory, no matter how well my intentions might be, I would have inadvertently impacted your experience. So, I will leave it to you to enter this mysterious and vast inner world in innocence. It is the best way.
The Origins of this Meditation
The sound track for this meditation is from a live-recording of a sound exploration that focused on the heart chakra given by the Hathors at an Intensive titled Biophotonic Human. They chose to use the specific sound codes from this previous meditation to activate the Ib portal because these sound codes are highly effective and efficient when it comes to the task of activating and opening the Ib portal.
The fact that the Hathors chose a sound meditation that originally activated the heart chakra to activate the Ib (the physical heart) and its multidimensional nature speaks to the deep connections between the physical heart and heart chakra.
An Electronic Anomaly
An interesting electronic anomaly appears at around 10:48min into the sound meditation. It is a slight blip, which according to the Hathors was an energetic effect that arose as a result of the higher dimensions affecting the electronics. This has sometimes happened at past events where the subtle energetics during a sound transmission affected the electronic circuitry of the digital recorders. I decided to remove this blip, but as I prepared to do so the Hathors intervened and said that it was part of the information and should not be removed. It has thus been left in place, and as odd it may sound, that little blip was part of their transmission in that moment.
For those of you who have the Biophotonic Human set of workshop recordings, the sound meditation appears on CD6 Track 5.
Biophotonics is a fascinating and significant field of research that has documented, and continues to document, the reality of biological light.  In other words, our biological cells emit measurable and quantifiable light. If you are unfamiliar with this field of science and would like to learn more, I suggest going to the Articles section of the website and locate the Biophotonic Human Class Handouts. Here you will find a basic description of this scientific field as well as both scientific and layperson-friendly resources.
I suggest you listen to this recording with headphones or earbuds to get the maximum psycho-acoustic effect.
The complete Hathor transmission from the Biophotonic Human workshop is 11:06 minutes in length.
After engaging this meditation multiple times, I decided also to post an extended version that is the complete transmission repeated three times to create a continuous sound-field. I have found that working with this meditation for at least three repetitions gives me the deepest transformational experience. I tried just hitting repeat, but the simple task of hitting the repeat button brought me out of state. Those of you who wish to work deeply with this sound meditation may find the Extended version to be helpful. It is 33:18 minutes.
Important Note: These sound meditations and the one noted in Information Not Directly Related to this Message, are made available to you, free of charge, for your personal use only. They are copyrighted intellectual property and may not be posted or shared with others without my written consent. If you have received a forwarded version of this message and the links don’t work, go to the Listening section at Once you agree to the listening terms, you will have free access to a wide range of sound mediations, lectures and interviews. Just scroll down the queue until you find the title you are looking for.
Dropbox (where the mp3s are electronically housed) has changed its viewing format. When you click on one of the links below, you will be taken directly to the audio file. When the page comes up, you will see a bunch of vertical lines. These lines represent the volume level of the recording.
To the far-left bottom of the lines is an arrow, the classic playback icon. Click on this to start the playback. If you like what you hear and wish to download the file, the download options are to the upper right of the vertical lines. There is also a comments section. These go directly to me, and I do read them. If you have questions, however, please direct them to me at
The Ib Portal Sound Meditation (11:06mins), click here to listen and/or download.
The Ib Portal Sound Meditation Extended Version  (33:18mins), click here to listen and/or download.
Information Not Directly Connected with This Message
The first Hathor message—through me—was given on February 8, 2003. Over the course of these last seventeen years, the Hathors have given many sound meditations and presented fundamental concepts about consciousness, intent and outcomes that may be helpful during this current period of immense challenge and uncertainty.
I have collected the most practical and direct of their messages and written a brief description of each message and sound file—indicating what they are about and what they might be helpful with.
I am hoping this will be a valuable aid since there is so much material that has been given over the last seventeen years, it is easy to get lost. I am calling this The Hathor Navigator. You can click on the title above and it should take you directly to it. You can also find it by going to the Articles section at and scroll down until you find the title The Hathor Navigator. 
Lament for Whales is a recording I made a while back, which was previously posted in the Listening section. However, while reviewing the website content I noticed that the recording had somehow been corrupted. I removed that file and loaded a clean version of the recording. I think it is worth taking a listen. You can click on the link below or you can go to the Listening section and scroll down the queue until you find the title.
Click here to listen to and/or download Lament for Whales.
©2020 Tom Kenyon   All Rights Reserved

You may make copies of this written message in any format and share it with others so long as you do not alter it in any way, do not charge for it and include this entire copyright notice. This permission does not apply to the sound meditation. If you wish to let your friends and family hear the sound meditation, you can send them this email directly by clicking on the Share button below or you can send them to the Hathor section of the website—


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