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Absorb Vortex Energy Wherever You Go!

By Robin Morlock.





As spiritual seekers, Light workers, and healers, we have the added pleasure of tuning in for a few brief moments, wherever we are, and noticing the energy of a location. What vibrations do we feel? What new or otherworldly sound frequencies are we being treated to? How is the nature energy different from the last place we breathed in? What colors do our eyes see and how is that Ray of Light changing our consciousness?

Grand Canyon South Rim; google image

Vortex – Specific Ray of Light
Vortices are everywhere on our planet. As we walk around, we can feel changes in ourselves as we walk in different areas – maybe a little dizzy in one place, maybe an immense wave of love comes to our heart chakra in another place, and so on.
How can we learn more about Vortex energy and the increased Source Love vibration we may be experiencing? In the book, “New Cells, New Bodies, New Life!” by Virginia Essene and a group of other master channelers, Chapter 8 is a channeled article by Norman titled “Nova 8.” Perhaps this brief summary of Nova 8’s information will provide some wisdom insights about Vortex energy on our planet.
A Vortex is a spiraling stream of energy, a great arc of multicolored LIGHT patterns, that corkscrews back and forth along an interstellar pathway (like a cosmic highway) from our earth planet and back to Source again.

Art by SilviaStarlight5 at

There are 13 major vortex spirals converging on Earth, and where they intersect with each other, we will find sacred sites created by intuitive humans in ancient times.
Each vortex contains a specific encoding of LIGHT – it has a specific purpose and role in the evolution of Christ Consciousness on the planet. Twelve of the vortices are individually different, carrying one full spectrum of expression from Source. The thirteenth vortex carries all encodings of planetary cycles, past and present along with the activation codes for the ascension of our planet into the higher dimensions (above 3D).

Visualization of vortex of rainbow LIGHT streaming to Earth; Bing image

Each Soul matches a Ray of Light Vortex
As previously mentioned, each vortex contains a set of codes – a blueprint – that is a specific expression of Source creativity and love on this planet. Every soul is also encoded with one of these expressions, and when that soul being walks into that same vortex energy, it is a lovely download of soul wisdom from that Light projection.
A person who walks in a place on terra firma that has the influx of one of the 13 Vortex energies will gain essential understandings of the blueprints for our planet. If that person is drawn to a place that feels incredibly harmonious, it is possible that the person has discovered their resonant Vortex – the one that vibrates out the blueprint for one’s role in the planetary cycle of ascension and for their own soul evolution.

Redwood National Park; photo by Michael Schweppe

Have you noticed that people seem to be moving from their homes, their long-time locations and re-planting themselves in all-new locations? Perhaps this is something you have recently done, or your are considering uprooting and resettling in an area that seems to be ‘calling your heart.’
People who are in harmony with their soul path (even if that is on a deeply subconscious level) will begin to find themselves magnetized to the area where the vortex energy flow is in harmony with their soul expression. As they arrive there, it becomes a time of increased life satisfaction and joy of being-ness on the planet.
As you travel, you have the option to choose to be conscious of the vibrations, frequencies, colors, and nature energies around you.

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland; Bing photo

All of the vortex energies are supportive in different and amazing ways, and feeling those Light encodings will add to your inner soul journey.
As you pay attention to the subtle signals in each new place, you may find that you are energized more, drawn more, to a specific location over other locations. Who knows? That may be your resonating vortex Ray of Light! Enjoy it and let it wash over you and through you – feel free to absorb as much of that Light frequency as you want. It will only add to your ‘peace’ meter.


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Absorb Vortex Energy Wherever You Go!
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