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A Vision for the Love Progression


The Vision Alignment Project


We see a world where we are all learning to love; where we understand that this Earth is the perfect training ground for learning to love; and that we all came here in order to learn to express our love for the plants, the animals, and the people around us. Accordingly, we see humanity having understood that there is a natural progression to follow, and that it's wise for those who have not been very good at loving others to begin by taking care of plants. After all, if we cannot keep a petunia alive, then we cannot honestly expect to be able to take very good care of people.

So we start with plants because they are the easiest to love: they hold still and reflect the love we share with them very quickly by greening, glowing, and growing. All successful farmers and gardeners know this.

Next, when we see our plants happy, healthy and thriving, we can move on to loving an animal. This is the next natural step in the progression because animals are generally not as easy to care for and nurture as plants. They move around, express their emotions, bite, scratch, make messes, and need considerably more attention than plants. We need to be even more responsible in order to help them glow and be happy within a domestic environment.

Then, and only after a person has demonstrated their proficiency at being a loving caretaker for the animals and plants, should they go onto loving people - and that's because people tend to require even more of our attention than animals and plants. We have extremely diverse wants and needs, we get caught up in all sorts of dramas, and we make even bigger messes. We'll even threaten you, oppose you, or try to get you to oppose others. The unfathomable complexity of our thought and behavior patterns offers perhaps the greatest challenge for us as we learn to love, for no other creature will test us as much as our fellow men and women.
And by the same token, no other creature offers us the potential to expand our ability to love as much as our fellow travelers. For, when we truly love and care for someone else, and that person reflects that love and care back at us, there is no feeling like it in the world.

And that is our Vision for humanity: that we have become so amazingly good at loving and caring for one another that a feeling of such sweetness, such power and sacredness settles over the whole of the Earth and remains here until the end of time.


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