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Heart and Throat Chakra Activations Occurring All Over The Planet


Energies of Ancient Lumeria.

Through Galaxygirl.

Jauary 17th, 2020


We are the energies of Ancient Lumeria. We are showering you with our golden light of ancient memories of love, of bliss, of the divine sacred feminine that is returning, has returned to this most troubled realm. The trouble is dissipating, friends, with grace and ease. It is being released, re-remembered and reprocessed. We are seeing heart and throat chakra activations occurring all over your planet, many of which are represented in the form of your upper respiratory manifestations as the body is in processing mode. Allow us to assist by sending you our golden light energies of peace and purification. Do you remember in the ancient times this feeling of oneness, of white and golden light, of pure communication of heart related thoughts and activities? This is one of the energies that is being reprocessed and is returning. We see the readiness of humanity becoming more in line with these energies. 

We are the energies of Ancient Lumeria, returning. We are rising from the ashes. We have no form but are processed the same as any other ancient trauma or positive memory. We are being remembered. There was much joy in Lumeria. (I am seeing bare feet walking on lush grass. I am hearing children playing and laughing in the distance. In fact, there are many children.) Yes, the energy of childhood and freedom of inner play and imagination was wild and free, untamed by social systems. Children were embraced as the new sacred soul that they embodied. Souls remembered past incarnations, which too you shall do more fully. (I am seeing tropical environments, feeling warm breezes. I am seeing humans dressed in garb like Ancient Greeks happily conversing with colorful dragons.) You see truly. For such was an environment of the magical melding with the mundane daily experience. But in truth, there was nothing mundane about Lumeria. We see your ancient memories and powers returning quite nicely. Being in fear negates this experience and shuts you off from it. Allow the ancestors to come forth within your unique genetic history to assist you with processing, to assist Gaia with her energetic release. Much is going on behind the scenes that surface humanity is not privy to. This is not new, but this will no longer be the norm, for as you rise in consciousness further you will be able to assimilate new knowledge more easily. Once the program of fear and suspicion is removed this shall become more easy for you. 

We are the energies of the Ancient Lumerians, returned. Many of you are becoming more awake and aware to us. This is why so many of you feel drawn to Hawaii, to the heat center of Mother Gaia. You can pull these energies to you. You don’t have to physically visit. Of course, we do recommend this when you are able as it is a lovely place. But in fact we see many astonishingly beautiful places upon Gaia that have been discovered but infrequently visited for those areas have been impoverished or oppressed. We see the economic balancing coming full swing. We see this as potentially rocky. We ask that you pull the energies of the green heart chakra of the planet to ease economical upheavals. Surround them in love. Blanket fear in love and it can no longer sustain the energies of fear, but be transformed into light and love. 

We are the energies of Ancient Lumerians, returned. We would say we are formless, which is partially true, but within the forms of those reading, who are getting some nice Lumeria reactivations, you will feel that perhaps as you attune to us, we attune to you, and you begin to remember. Wrap yourself in love and light as you used to in the Lumeria days gone by. Rejoin your bothers and sisters in findings common ways to unite and to find your collective voice of love and freedom. The animals will be protected with these great shifts. They are being moved to inner earth, to inner realms of healing, of light, or to the ships for rehabilitation. Animals are equally important as are all of Gaia’s systems. The great balancing must return so that Gaia’s creatures are well protected and supported by the humans that share space with them. 

We are the Ancient Lumerians, returned. Align with us. Ignite your inner Lumerian flame of memories. Send love to them, to all and of course all will benefit. The inner spark of Source, of the Christed child, is remembering. Can you hear the laughter of the children? Can you feel the laughter of your own inner child bursting forth into joy, unencumbered and free? Align with this vibration of peace and hopeful expectation. Be surrounded in this future possibility of vibration and be at peace. We are the Ancient Lumerians returned.


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