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When you don’t change your thinking, the world stays the same

When you don’t change your thinking, the world stays the same

Saint Germain

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted May 3rd, 2020



Very good. I am St Germaine, at your service, my loved ones.

I wish to speak on this subject that Sharon wishes me to display my dearth of knowledge on, so indeed I will. I responded to her request to channel on this subject, because this is the basis of Alchemy, and as you know I am the Master Alchemist. Ah yes!

Sharon admits that she did not make that connection, and yes, I believe that this is a connection that so many of you are not aware of: Your minds are creators. What you think, you create. And you have been taught to believe in and to recreate many life patterns that do not serve you.

Imagine, your entire world slaving away at your daily jobs when in fact all you need do is change your collective mindset and another means of surviving your lives would fall into place. Yes, that easy. Had you not bought into the economic system you currently are oppressed by, then perhaps extraterrestrials would have approached your world and bartered and traded with you. Or you may have stayed with your old barter and trading systems of the past and never relinquished this to a financial system. Or perhaps you would have simply had a “take what you need” system where one grows the food and the other takes the necessary amount for the family, and that would be it.

I suggest to you that your current system has led to miserliness, greed, insecurity and competition between you. Had such a system not been chosen, then perhaps you would have chosen a system that would allow you to flourish in more benevolent ways.

All it takes from this day forward is a collective change of mind, and yes, majority does rule. In order to see progress, 50 percent of those upon earth would have to be of that mindset. This is how collective alchemy works.

There have been many systems of exchange upon Planet Earth in the past and some still remain in place. It is generally a question of what the society values. In some native societies, a dance is considered fair exchange for wild boar. In others, sea meat is exchanged for cooking services. It is all about what has value to you.

So, now you are in a period of great change for the majority upon your planet. This will require a great change of mind on the part of all of you. Events are being introduced that some of you will begin to examine your current standard of living, question who is running the countries, and what should be disposed of going forward. Large changes will be introduced as a result of the release of your minds from the lower mental planes. It will be possible.

You all tend to focus on what benevolence you would like to see introduced upon your lives, yet there is no consensus. There is so much division in your thinking that it is impossible to implement any new structure with strength. So you must begin to align with each other. Yes, timelines falling away, in favour of organic timelines which in fact resonate more with your minds is a great help. You will find that your thinking naturally begins to return to that which was your strength many thousands of years ago before the overtake of your planet and your minds.

Your planet is a creation of your collective mindset. It would not exist without your belief in it. So that is the power you have to change it, not those of us who remain outside its boundaries. We can influence, but it is you who must change. This is also alchemy. All earthlings have the right to be self determining.

So if you do not believe that this current society is of your benevolence, then change your minds. What do you believe would be benevolent for those of your world? What would you like to see? Focus upon this.

Hating what is currently in place is only strengthening it, I’m afraid. It must be allowed to be removed. When you hate the current regime, you are holding it in place that much longer and making the Light’s removal of it that much more difficult. Because as I said, it is your world. We ask that you change your mind.

Would you like to see more money for all? The cessation of starvation, poverty, suffering, and sickness? Would you like to see help for the flora and fauna of your world, cessation of pollution and aid for the environment? Would you like to see the oceans cleaned up, the land masses move back to a more natural state, and animal populations thrive? Then focus on these things.

Dream. Dream big as you say. It will all be yours. You are the seed sowers of the New Earth. You are the benevolent ones who wish to see love embrace all again, and chaos and suffering end.

Nothing is impossible, for you are all alchemists. Use your minds wisely.

Sharon is curious about aircraft accidents, for example. She is now aware there are far more than she has realized. However, what she does not realize is that when she continues to watch these videos, she continues to empower the idea of aircraft accidents. And because she believes in them, they continue to happen. You must be wary of your television because it shows you what someone wants you to create. And in this case this is aircraft accidents. If in fact you discontinue believing in aircraft accidents, the perfect solution would be found to resolve that problem. But you believe in them so they continue to exist.

In the case of tornado videos, then tornados will continue to plague your world, because you believe in them and believe them to be real, they will continue to happen. Stop believing in them, and they will cease to plague your people. Understand that natural events do not harm – they nurture.

I might advise at this point, should you watch the television, or videos, please ensure that what you are watching does not conceptualize harm to another being because in watching this, you increase the likelihood of others suffering these fates, and this in fact incurs energetic imbalance for you – or bad karma as you call it. Yes, you must be very precise with your mind, Sharon!

Sharon laments the lack of long haired Pleiadian looking men playing guitars these days. Yes, most people have moved away from that as an acceptable expression for her genre of music. The hair got shorter because people believed in the shorter hair as being acceptable. If they had insisted that all rock and roll musicians should have long hair, it would have remained so. However it did not.

It is what you believe is the standard, what is acceptable to you, what you take for granted, and what your society considers to be ordinary. Change your collective mind, then the outcome changes. Should you continue believing in alcoholism, you will continue to have alcoholics. Should one person begin to believe that people should not drink, and this grows to the majority, then more and more people will be able to cease drinking. It will become easier for the general population.

Ah! Yes, Sharon. I hear your food-based mind. You, unfortunately, believe yourself to have an eating disorder, and you have joined a very large, if I may apologize for the poor use of wording, group of people who also believe in it. Should your world suddenly realize you are overweight because your mind tells your body to be so, then this group of people would overcome its need to be overweight. That group would decrease in size, and losing weight once that “mind bug” is caught, would become easier. You must understand your plethora of diet doctors, diet books and diet products is a large economy for many, and revealing the truth that it is the mind that creates your physical reality is the knowledge many wish to keep from you. There is no need to be overweight unless this is what you fear as you are meant to face your fears.

Your mind is very powerful. Use it judiciously.

I am your St Germaine, and I love you all dearly.
Call on me when in need.
Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.

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