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Dream, Mother and Father God

Dream, Mother and Father God.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

January 19, 2020.


I dreamed I saw 12 women of many races sitting in two rows, one row of 6 and beneath another row. They were all very pregnant and wearing long simple gowns of dusty rose pink. They were sitting on white boxes with a rainbow in it. I could see that their pregnant belly was the earth. The second row had two empty places where lady #9 and 10 would be. They were rubbing their bellies, smiling but uncomfortable. 
Dearest of children, this is your Mother God speaking. 

You are all undergoing the pregnancy pains in your own way. Many have been relentlessly sick with one thing or another. Others have had chronic pain. You are transmuting Gaia’s pain and the pain of the collective. You volunteered for this and it is a much needed selfless act that you are performing, and I thank you. The pregnant women are the various races of the divine feminine that have been activated right now. The divine feminine is fully pregnant in this now, birthing a new reality. The fact that this one saw the various time streams of this happening is significant for several very powerful time streams that had potential negative outcomes were jumped (the empty spaces). Your Father and I have been working day and night, moment by moment to ensure that Ascension Gaia is a success and you are all feeling the strain of these changes, but doing very well, children. Ask me to help you with these ascension symptoms and I shall do it. I am your Mother God.
And this is your Father God speaking. 

Yes, I am the loudest fan screaming above all the others, it’s true. That’s how I’ve presented myself to this one as she begins to relax into me. She has relaxed after some of Alba Weinman’s videos, and I highly recommend that you watch some of them, because it will provide you with some vibrational encodement upgrades that will benefit you, as this one has benefited today.
All is light, children. All is love. And yet you doubt, because you see the darkness. Even the darkness has a twinge of light within it. It must stop and listen, and find the light. You way-showers, you truth-seekers are scratching your heads on this one. Children, there is much to understand, to relearn. But tonight perhaps I want you to most of all relearn your perception of me. I am love. I am not a bearded old man on a throne judging – no. I am love. I am light, I am the all that there is, and that little piece of me is in you, friends. There is no separation. There has never been any separation. I am in you and you are in me. This one is processing this, as I see that you all, many of you are. Baby steps. Cosmic consciousness is at the heart of it, intelligent love, but firstly and always love. Love is the heart, the core of me, of Source.
I am that I am. There are layers of Source. For we (creation) are all fractals, we are all interconnected (with God). We have the same abilities, the same opportunities, the same powers. We (humanity) are beginning to remember. We are beginning to remember who we really are. It is time for the light-workers to awaken, to shine their light proudly, strongly, brightly. You are all immeasurably powerful. I, your Father, am cheering from the rafters, and yet I am right beside you, I am within you. I am that still small whisper of peace and that blissful moment between breaths, the still point, there I am. There you can be, if you center yourself.
Children come home to me. Have you forgotten me? Do not forget. Remember. Remember my love for you. It is wider than you can comprehend. Nothing you have done can separate me from you. Nothing has happened that was so terrible that could ever make me stop loving you. You are a part of myself. I love you. We are bringing Gaia up in vibration. You have tremendous help. But you must not be too proud, you must ask for it. Ask for angelic assistance and before you even finish the thought there they will be, for they are there anyway, you may as well know that you are surrounded (smile). Love. Be a beacon of my love, of my light. Rest. You are tired. You have done so well, light-worker community. You have traveled so far, such a long journey to be here in this now. This is your moment, the final act of this play before a new one is created, which you as collective humanity are co-writing with me now. I love watching you create, watching you love. Remember me. Remember to be with me, to talk with me. I am Your Father God, and of course, Go Team Gaia! (Shall we make t-shirts?)


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