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The RV Broadcast from the Parking lot


The RV Broadcast from the Parking lot

By Ron Giles

RV INFO, Disclosure 

May 14, 2020



There is an assumption that those who broadcast an event are really at the event.
We go to the football game and take our earplugs plugged into the phone and tune it in to hear the broadcast so we can get the commentary while we watch the game. We listen as the game begins. If the information being broadcast indicates that we are on the wrong station, we ask each other which station the game is on. Then we tune in to that station so we can enjoy the game.
Then we find the station that is supposed to be broadcasting the game but it is not, and then we find that the commentators don’t even seem to be inside the Arena, but are Broadcasting from the parking lot outside the arena instead. They sound like they know what they are talking about but in reality, they don’t. If we are at the game we can readily tell if they are getting it right because we have first-hand knowledge, we can see for ourselves. But if we are not at the game, we can only ASSUME that they are in the Arena and telling us what is going on from the broadcast booth. First-hand knowledge saves the day for us.
But what if there was a Sting in play? What if you weren’t at the game but are at the bookie’s place listening to see which team to bet on? If a fake broadcast is heard and was meant to get people to bet on a certain team to win and that team is losing, what are the chances you will make money on your bet? The victims are waiting till they get some “inside information” so they can be reasonably sure the team they bet on will win. All of this while the game is still in play. So, they wait until the 4th quarter of the backroom fake broadcast to place their bets with the bookie before the betting window closes.
Is it hard to see that the victims will bet on the team that the broadcasters are telling them will win? Wasn’t there a show about such a similar scam going down for $100,000, called “The Sting?”
Now then, when there are Trillions of dollars at stake with the Zim Redemption, would it be reasonable to assume that some very, very well thought out Stings are going to be dreamed up and carried out with precise accuracy having to do with the redemption of Zim Bonds? The unsuspecting Meek, who easily TRUST others because they are trustworthy themselves, may be the low hanging fruit for these Charlatans as they create victims in their Confidence Game Play!
Now that we can imagine there are scammers around, let’s see what these Trolls may be doing right here on IDC.
The latest Confidence Scam that I have identified on IDC is the Two appointment Sting operation. How many gurus have gotten together to collaborate on this Trick is pretty apparent. Perhaps the 4 AM talking points, like the MSM uses, have been instigated because this is a “Biggy Sting.” Have you seen how many gurus of the gNN (guru News Network) have collaborated on this Sting? Most if not all. Does that make it true? Judy thinks so, it’s part of her “Judy’s notes.” BTW did you get your 800# yesterday or your Wells Fargo or HSBC email? Hmmm!!!
For clarification, as we move forward, I am going to separate the currency exchange from the redemption of Zim Bonds. QFS agent banks or bank personnel with agent status will conduct the exchange for those who have currency but not Zim redemption. You may transfer funds out of the QFS to a bank account that you own for convenience’s sake, but be very cautious transferring more than $1,000 to any bank.
The Dodd-Frank Bill; The law states that U.S. banks may seize its depositor’s funds (i.e. your checking, savings, CD’s, IRA & 401(k) accounts) and use those funds when necessary to keep itself, the bank, afloat.
The redemption appointment will be at a secured location. There will be ONLY ONE APPOINTMENT, where you will take care of all your redemption business. To secure a location dealing with this kind of money is no easy feat to accomplish. It will only be secure for appointments within a certain time frame. THEY WILL NOT HAVE TIME FOR YOU TO GO GET YOUR WEALTH MANAGERS AND BANKING TEAMS FOR A SECOND APPOINTMENT. There is no reason given by these Trolls for the second appointment except to introduce wealth managers and the concept of a banking team into your humanitarian work. These money professionals come with an agenda that is not in your best interest. It is apparent that this Sting has been set up to get you to use wealth managers and bankers to manage your funds to make you money. Keep in mind that the use of these funds to make more money is inconsistent with the purpose of these funds. We’ll get our increase with the structured payout and the huge stipend we’ll receive on a quarterly basis. We are to focus on humanitarian efforts that don’t make money for us. Trying to make money on the funds we receive, prostitutes the funds and makes them dirty. If you intend to make money using money professionals like wealth managers etc., or other investment strategies, you will not be successful in your redemption. We are humanitarians not wealth builders. We put money into the hands of people not position ourselves to take their money. Capitalism is not meant for us. If the New Powers That Be wanted this increase, why wouldn’t they just set up the whole program around those money professional types instead of using the Meek? Why would they program Quintillions for the Meek when they would only need Millions for the money professionals, and would the money professionals do humanitarian work as their main emphasis when they get “Extra” money? History has shown us otherwise. Things have changed with us taking over the economic structure. It behooves us to purify our intent for the work of the heavens in service to mankind. Again, If the Alliance wanted to include wealth managers and bankers as humanitarians, why would they need us? Why not let those involved with money be in charge of the funds. If you can’t see why the Alliance set it up for the Meek, you may have flawed thinking about the whole Zim Redemption process and what it is for.
The 800#
The Alliance way is simple. Unless and until a change is made, which it hasn’t so far, you will receive the 800# as it is released on IDC’s Tetelestai email program. This is a source you can count on for the right 800# Other site may have hidden agendas. These are the gNN that are working on their agenda against us getting the funds. With them, you might get “Sting” numbers and get “Stung.” Stick with the Tetelestai source for the 800#.
In America, you call that 800 number and give them your zip code and tell them if you have Zim. If you do have Zim, you will receive a different 800 number for a redemption center where you can make your appointment. Currency holders may be referred to a local QFS Agent Bank in your local area for their exchange appointment. Regardless of the location, your funds will be deposited in your account in the secured QFS and not a bank. An authorized agent will have a connection to the QFS to deposit your funds.
Other countries will have toll-free numbers to set up appointments as that country becomes safe. It may be a surprise but the Alliance will not release the RV in any country until it is safe to do so for all countries. However, do not worry, the Alliance will not leave any Zim Holders out of the redemption process. You will be pleased when you are notified of the process. It will be arranged locally for you.
Once at the appointment, they will count your Zim and other currencies, if you have some, and move on to your humanitarian project presentation. Request your redemption rate and the structured payout term and the interest rate you want. They will then deposit your funds into the QFS in the accounts you will establish at the appointment. You will be given a website to go to that you can use as a resource to educate yourself on the use of the QFS. You will also receive your own personal connection to the QFS so you can use your money like on-line banking. At some point, you will be given the NDA to read through and sign. This is designed for an ONETIME APPOINTMENT, a secured process.
If you are offered a second appointment with your wealth managers and banking team, this is prima facia evidence that you are involved in a Sting Operation. At that point, I suggest you pick up your Zim and leave and go back to Patricks 800# and make a new appointment. Don’t let them mistake the Meek for the weak. You are the Sovereign. You are the lawgiver for your own humanitarian work. Stay in your lane and avoid running off the road chasing some Troll’s Sting Operation. If the Source of your information is not the Alliance, chances are you are being compromised into a Sting Operation. Check out the sources, the Alliance is the only reliable source of intel, and they don’t leak out dates for the RV in advance, and they don’t require two appointments.
Keep in mind that the IDC narrative of two appointments has been carefully planned out to keep you from getting the larger amount of money you will need for your humanitarian projects. It is a Sting Operation to stop you from getting your rightful funds. Forewarned is fore-armed.
If my understanding doesn’t make sense to you, then let it go and trust your banker with your financial future. I rest every night, knowing that I am doing my best to help those who are seeking the right way to proceed.
Blessings to all, and to all, be a blessing
Ron Giles

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