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God’s Law over Human Decree


Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

Samuel of Panoptia

Are the Teachers

George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, July 12, 2014.

Posted November 13, 2019.

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Bzutu: “You have now let your Teacher wait long enough, so brighten up, please.” 
Samuel: “Aaron and I will answer the question posed on the subject of reconciliation. It has at other times been covered in a more general sense, you will recall. Here, however, we will discuss with you the repercussions of the taking of a human life, or the taking of multiple human lives, as such deeds impact upon the perpetrator as well as the victim. 
“Firstly, it is important for you to understand that there is only one law, which fully applies to every thinking creature. No one, no matter who, or what they have placed themselves in charge of, can claim that they are not subject to this law – God’s Law – and it is clear that taking a life is one of the unacceptable infringements upon His Law. We will not cover the obvious circumstance of harm done to another in the case of real self preservation. We here consider the ending of another’s life in the case where one sets out to do so. 
“Your world is in turmoil, unmistakenly so. In the years since World War Two, millions upon millions have been murdered in deceitful attacks for imagined reasons, exaggerated rationale, and newly invented pre-emptive pretexts, yes, all these without validity whatever. On the other side are those whom you may conveniently describe as militants, yet they may be doing no more than defending their patch, their town, their country. The untimeliness of their death is the point we make, for physical death is a mortal’s given ending. 
“One needs to consider that a shortened mortal life equates with a reduced experiential input – the very reason why their space-time existence was of the utmost importance – irreplaceable, really. In the case of an infant, early death now has as its result an inability to ascend to Paradise. By it missing life’s experiences, the child’s potential has likely been reduced. For the perpetrator of the crime it means bad karma, perhaps failure in his or her own Paradise journey, and wars of aggression are not exempted from all-round karma here. 
“For those who have fallen, life experiences may well be inadequate. For those who killed on orders, there is near endless reconciliation to bring about on Mansonia One and beyond. Among those who gave the evil orders, many become discouraged by the enormity of what they now owe, and they decline to persist, for next to God’s Law, their human decrees never had any grounds. None, none at all, for thou simply shall not kill. See it so clearly now that those who can kill their kin have little at all left to offer their Father Creator. 
“Aaron and I leave you now, and we leave you our love. This is Samuel the Panoptian.”
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ABC-22, January 1972


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