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The RV and the Transition the world is in.

The RV and the Transition the world is in.

Per Staffan

May 17th, 2020.




Dear Lightworkers,
I want to update date on my reading of the current situation regarding RV and the transition the world is in.
I refer to among other things the latest message from Ron Giles ( and IDC or inteldinarchronicles in general. My view is that Ron Giles is the lone surviving guru speaking the truth. Gurus such as Bruce and others, and the new one Fleming, appear to be saying the same thing as dutifully reported by Judy Byington – namely that it will happen “now”. We all want good news and if there is a reasonable argument that we need the RV now to start helping the world and to turn the economy around to help Trump get reelected – then RV “now” makes good sense.
One primary reason for my support of Ron Giles is his demonstrable deep knowledge of the subject of RV in past messages, combined with his good sense. Contrast this to other gurus references to “my key sources on the inside”. It reminds you a bit about the New York Times referring to its confidential sources. If you also add in the offer or willingness of these other gurus to help us meek sheeples with this very complicated process, that they understand best, by handing over our currency to them to do it for us – you can also see the clear conflict of interest. Ron Giles on the contrary argues the importance of holding on to your currency and exchange when the time is right, which I agree with.
Some people determine the truth according to how many people hold a certain opinion, so by banding together and presenting a common truth and reported by Judy it starts to look like a clear cut case. BTW, this is akin to how truth is determined in our cabal dominated democracy. – brain wash enough people to think a certain way and that will become the truth. However, other contextual information is needed, which would contradict their view on the RV.
Having said all this I do not want to blame Patrick or Judy at IDC. Patrick has always said he wants to have an open forum to post important information not found elsewhere and does not apply his judgement. Judy seems to operate in a similar way and much good information has been dispersed in this way. For the reader it is important to remember that Judy and Patrick leaves it up to you to decide what the truth is, while in my opinion this leaves it wide open for abuse. So for readers of IDC remember you are the judge of the truth content of the messages posted. It is not true just because you read it on IDC.
For those of you how have followed this “saga” for a long time you will remember that while Sheldan Nidle was active with his updates from the GFL they pointed out that the cabal will have to be arrested first and before any RV exchanges are done. Some of us might have hoped that the QFS would take care of this problem and we could go ahead before the the arrests. I am not of this view, but the QFS will help.
Arrests will have to be made first. I am not sure how many of 170 000 plus sealed indictments that have to be unsealed and acted on first. So, you might ask why are these arrests not carried out as of right now. It is taking too long – well, emotionally I can sign on to this view, but logically not so fast.
These people will be and deserve to be arrested for treason, including President Obama. Are the people ready for this. Such “nice guys” as Justin Trudeau, Biden and Obama executing an agenda to kill off 90% or so of the people with the help of Bill Gates. That will take a lot of getting used to if we are not going to have civil war in a number of countries.
So, in order to arrest people their crime will have to be disclosed based on unshakeable facts and the complicity of the media will have to be disclosed at the same time, the latter probably through multiple law suits. However, so many people are so emotionally attached to people such as Obama, Trudeau and Biden that they will probably refuse to accept the true facts, as to them facts and truth are a matter of opinions and all that matters is which side you are on. The will prefer to continue to hate Trump. The plan of the alliance seem to be to disclose the torture and trafficking of children at the same time as the crimes against the country, the world and the people. To call it pedophilia seem too mild of a word. When this comes out roughly at the same time as the treasonous acts it might be easier for people to accept the truth.
The alliance with Trump as its earthly Executive in charge is now in the process of disclosing facts in order to counter the propaganda from the MSM and educate people enough to be able to receive the truth without a civil war. He is also cleverly allowing the cabal to show their hands as they refuse to open up the country in a number of states and blatantly violate the American constitution. This goes to show the people where the cabal intended or wanted to take us.
I do not think Trump will need RV induced economic stimulus in order to win the November election. It is enough to let “the enemy destroy themselves” coupled with voter registration and no mail in votes in order to prevent voter fraud. Maybe some high level arrests will be made before the election to further help is case. However, they will have to be very well selected and trying to arrest Obama before the election might very well be counter productive.
Also, in order to process 170 000 sealed indictments an expanded and reformed justice system is needed. Trump is having a hard time to get his picks appointed due to democrat cabal members dragging their feet. No, I think the bulk of the arrests will be done during his second term and subsequent to this the RV/GCR can be done.
It can be noted that Trump has taken control of the Federal Reserve Bank, but this is not announced or made a big deal of, not even by Trump. The disclosure of the former owners of the FED and their activities will come later, after the November election. For now Trump will use his control of the FED to print money. He knows that this is cabal fiat money and after disclosure and arrest of the former owners of the FED the American people will not have to pay back any of the fiat money that is printed now. The old system will go bankrupt and Trump is milking it for all that it is worth before the bankruptcy.
While, this might be taken for bad news on the RV front it is good news for the disclosure of truth and maintaining peace in the world. The Alliance and the Galactics will not allow anything to go wrong.


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