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Taking a Stand: We will Make it Across the Finish Line Together


Taking a Stand: We will Make it Across the Finish Line Together

By Steve Beckow.

Golden Age of Gaia.

May 12th, 2020



I feel like taking stock and even reminiscing, in these relaxed times of lockdown. I’d just like to let things flow for a change, not knowing where we’ll get to. Just sharing….
It’s interesting following, and sometimes covering, what’s happening in the external world right now. It’s challenging … for me.
While I build databases with quotes from celestial and galactic sources and do so from the printed word, our news sources today are very often video and always terrestrial.
I’m never going to be able to report on it in the way I can with printed channeled messages.
I reminisce….
I’ve had a lifelong – and more than a lifelong – love affair with the written word. I had a past life associated with the Gutenberg printing press. I don’t want to get into puffery, but I’ve had a long association with writing and publishing. I even love the feel of books.
Reporting on largely medical matters in a climate of crisis from video sources is not really my forté. If I do it, I do it as an interested and “intelligent user,” not somehow as an “expert,” which I’m not.
What I’d far rather report on is the gathering momentum among people to unite and say “no” to the New World Order. Not to criminalize the NWO as human souls but to draw a line around their criminal activities.
We faced the pandemic together and now we face the recovery together. And recover we must. In my opinion, we’d be unwise to forget the lesson of history, that jobless recoveries from recessions were used as a means of shedding workers made obsolete by automation in the 1980s and avoiding fiscal obligation in the matter. Let’s not do it again.
UBIs, universal medicare, universal accessibility, etc., financed with sequestered Illuminati wealth. We have the answer. (1) We now need the collective political will to do it.
When the pandemonium gets too much for me, my response, as we discussed earlier, (2) is to get bigger. To rise above it and take a bird’s-eye view.
In that earlier article, I gave a process using imagination to get me into a synoptic frame of mind. I got bigger than the Earth.
Another alternative would be to look for commonalities, universals.
I start to identify them. A need for money, food, shelter, medical care.
To see the commonalities, I have to draw back from the particulars of the situation. It moves me to see things from a more contextual, higher perspective than I did before.
And, as I do so, I settle into the role of observer again. And the pandemonium settles down.
All of this is my search for the solid and balanced part of myself in the midst of chaos.
And, as I do so, I see that I’m only being lazy.
The real strength lies in my will.
I know that.
The only reason I don’t resort to my will is that I’m enjoying myself. Or anticipating better times. I’m plugged in to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, which I know to be Third-Dimensional.
I stop resisting the exercise of my will. I do what I’ve been taught to do: Take a stand.
What is my stand here?
My stand is that we will, as one united human society, navigate through the rough seas ahead and arrive on the distant shore in the greatest possible safety – and arrive together. (3) We’re in this together. We’re pulling together. Q says it best: “Where we go one, we go all.” Exactly.
Not only are we going to make it across the finish line together, but that there will be a finish to it all (war, trafficking, corruption, etc.) is also my stand.
(1) See “The Big Change – Part 1,” May 8, 2020, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2020/05/08/the-big-change-part-1/
(2) See “The Big Change – Part 2,” May 9, 2020, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2020/05/09/the-big-change-part-2/
(3) In answer to a reader’s question, mine is a stand that our efforts will be aimed at as many people making it across the finish line as possible.
Some will choose not to go because their service contracts are complete and they’d prefer to ascend from the other side. We wouldn’t interfere there.
Others will not achieve the necessary vibrational level to survive in higher dimensions. They’d be precluded for natural, vibrational reasons. Those whom we can help, we’ll help. Those that we can’t will not ascend at this time.
But among those who qualify and want to ascend from this realm, my stand is that we will do whatever it takes to make it across the finish line together. We won’t allow the cabal’s efforts to succeed in sabotaging Ascension or our recovery from Covid-19 and any toxic vaccine.



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