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The Trees of Nova Gaia.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

April 20, 2020.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 

Our roots run deep, merging our realm with yours, as they become more united moment by moment behind the scenes. We are patient. We are strong. We stand tall when the winds of change blow. We cannot fall for our root systems run deep. We support many ecosystems around us. We are the backbone of the forest that beautifies Mother Gaia. We are a jewel in her crown. We see many similar attributes within you, dear ones, ground team. 

You are strong. Your roots are deep. You will not break in the storm. You will supply a safe haven of rest for those who are weary. Just as we shelter many in our branches with our peaceful presence, so shall your words, your energies of peace shelter those who are lost, providing comfort and stability. 
(I am seeing many birds in many nests on mighty branches, warm, snug and safe).

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 

We are of course connected to the overall Tree Consciousness that permeates. We ask that you begin to whisper love and positive energies to your trees and you shall hear us begin to speak to you. You shall feel the energies of Nova Gaia, bridge-showers, if that is your intention. Touch our bark and feel our life force. It is our intention to provide joy and peace to all things. 

We welcome sharing our energies and our bodies with those that have need of us. Just as you will share your resources with the others, sharing your love and providing comfort. It is not too big a task or you would not feel so called to it. Mother’s bounty awaits no more. Gaia has all of the resources needed for tremendous provision and care for her children. 

The dark days are past. Feel the truth in these words as they are stepping stones to the higher realms, where All provides for the All and there is no lack of anything, except fear. Fear cannot exist in the higher realms. You who are well accustomed to fear are the wounded warriors of the way. 

Come. Sit in our branches. Feel the sunlight through our leaves whisper and calm. Feel the sea breeze from the nearby ocean waters, hear the bubbling brooks beneath that gently move in between our many trunks. We are offering this leaf surrounded cocoon of light for your healing. Allow us to provide space for you for you as you transmute the fear. It is of course yours to transmute. 

We only offer this healing space. A great lesson learned. You cannot transmute, take away, or teach another their lesson. Do you understand dear ones? There will be much pain and processing that the others who are awakening will begin to see and feel. You are there to hold space, just as we are holding this space of healing for you. You are the space holders, the light bearers, the way showers, but you cannot do more than that. You are not obligated to feel their pain, or to learn their lessons. Only then, when one owns their lessons, can they advance. 

And so you provide a space of safety, of comfort and you allow them to process at their own speed. You are the speedy ones for you went first, forging the path of awakening. 
(I am seeing a warrior trail blaze through a lush jungle with a machete blade, creating the path out of the jungle. As I type this the sun comes out from behind a cloud and floods my space with light). 

You are the light bringers, dear ones, for you have forged the way. But you must allow the others to travel at their own speed. You may need to come back for them. Such is allowed. After healing in Nova Gaia you may return as often as you wish to create, to further the creation of the bridge.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 

Our branches lift to the light, our roots dig deep into the fertile soils of new possibilities, reaching ever closer, bridging realities. 
(I am seeing knitting needles but each needle is a tree and they are creating a juncture with their roots that are being knitted together). 

Peace, dear ones, peace. You are welcome to this space in any moment of your choosing. For you are creators. Feel our energies and be at peace.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia, welcoming you home to your new reality. It is lovely here. All that is missing is you.

We are the trees of Nova Gaia. 

Be assured that the trees in your realm are waking up quickly and will be most eager to connect with an awakened warrior of the way. For we are all connected. We surround you in love, in our energies of peace, of joy, of new beginning. We are ancient, we are wise, as are you. We have much in common. 

We provide in many ways the same purpose of grounding that you are for the others. You are grounding the light, the love, the higher dimensions into where you stand. Every smile, every kind word is an arrow of light and furthers the light web of creation. Your love adds your own energy signature to the world we are creating. 
(I am seeing that every light worker has a piece of color that is being added to the tapestry that the trees are knitting together. And then I see that the Company of Heaven has their own crystal threads, every kingdom has their own color that is being added, creating a new, beautiful tapestry that is New Earth). 

Yes. Choose love, choose peace. Add your own color of light ray to the masterpiece and all shall see and know the moments that you chose love, the moments that you chose to hold light and space for the others, it will continue to build and the woven tapestry builds.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 

Much chaos is in your realm, we see. We feel. We send light to this with our deep roots of healing of peace. You need not become embroiled in the chaos. Observe it, strong like the tree. The tree observes the storm but it does not break. Instead it offers a place of shelter and refuge for those that are blown around in the wind. We offer our support and love for you this day. 


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