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The Planetary Expansions and Ascension are Imminent.

The Planetary Expansions and Ascension are Imminent.

Message from Rainbow Light Beings.

Through Galaxygirl.

5 de abril de 2020.


We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

We are encircling your globe with our light. 

The recent global mass meditation of the 4/4 gateway further allowed our encodements to take root deep into the heart of your mother Gaia’s crystalline matrix that is developing with rapidly ascending speed. 

We are beyond dimensional realities for we are present in all dimensions with varying degrees of potency. The rainbow codex energy signature is a high one, for it allows for the visual demonstration of unity, of oneness as all colors of your known spectrum unite and flow in harmony. 

As the dimensional realities increase so do the light rays of the visible spectrum expand. You are all expanding. New Earth is becoming a very real reality that you are more willingly and able to tap into as you are becoming further the rainbow beings yourselves that you have always been but are in the process of rediscovery. And with this rediscovery, we see further expansions of energetics, of reality, of blissful codes and of joy. 

We see joy finally coming to the peoples of Gaia as she rises up, ascending in her majesty. We see it as appropriate that your Easter is ‘right around the corner’ as you say, for we feel this is an apt time to feel on a soul level the ascension and expansion of humanity on her form. 

We see the Nova Gaians ascending on these higher dimensional rays that we are sending, as are many other light beings are sending. We are a part of the angelic order on the galactic level. We are present in many systems, all systems feel our light. We are working with the crystalline ascending matrixes within the humans who have chosen. 

We wish to provide an activation meditation – imagery – as an act of service to the All in this now. Should you wish to participate we invite you to do so.
We are the Rainbow Light Beings of the galactic order and angelic frequency. We surround you with our energetic frequency. 

We ask that you sit awhile and breathe these energy codes deep within. See these energy gifts as seeds that you are breathing in, crystal rainbow seeds, that as you willingly allow, to become planted in your chakra spaces. 

See the green glowing seeds begin to hum and spin with rainbow light. Invite the breath of Mother Father, of the Christed consciousness to encourage the seeds to sprout. You must add your own intention of water light, of joy to these seeds, for they are your garden that you are cultivating. Hone your intention. 

Invite alignment with your galactic great central sun. See this beam of high dimensional light flowing through your pillar further activating all of your chakra systems. See the seeds begin to sprout, to grow. See them blossom into the most exquisitely beautiful flowers, each color corresponding to their chakra. 

And now the fun part begins, we will expand your color spectrum! For the chakras used to be more expanded and full and flow like the rainbow. (I am seeing a child’s drawing of a rainbow as being compared with our chakra systems; bold, blocky, well-defined). 

Yes dear one. When in reality your chakra systems should be a full rainbow flow of the entire color spectrum. (I am seeing a full array of rainbow colors full aligned with the color spectrum, including all of the myriad of in-between colors. It is so beautiful). 

We see you as beautiful rainbow beings of light. We are now fully expanding your chakra systems to encompass this expansion of light – gamma ray energies – that are pummeling your planetary sphere. (I am feeling dizzy as I breathe this in. I see and feel the colors all around me, swirling in a rainbow vortex of light). 

Please state “I am ready for this expansion of my chakra energy fields and it is my intention to hold this high frequency of light at all times, in all moments. I am willing to share this energetic upgrade with Gaia’s crystalline heart, my planetary mother, and in so doing, bless and upgrade further the hearts of humanity with this activation. And so it is.”
We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

We have expanded ourselves in this process for as the All expands, the all is effected. We say this with tremendous joy! You shall be seeing more rainbows, literally and figuratively, in your near future as these rainbow codexes of light of integration and of expansions are experienced felt and witnessed on your surface world. 

We see rainbows as going up from within the heart of Mother Gaia as her heart chakra systems are being upgraded as well in this now. We see planetary expansions and ascension as imminent. We request that you send your rainbow light of these higher dimensional codexes all around her form as an energetic hug blessing all upon her.
We are the Rainbow Light Beings. 

You are the Rainbow Warrior Beings of Light. We salute you and honor you for your service to humanity. These rainbow frequencies will assist you in furthering rediscovery of your own inner home of your own inner galactic circle and family, that are calling you home to their embrace. 

You need not feel so isolated or alone for we are all here around you. As we are in all dimensions forms and realities, so too we can be the energetic bridge for your own inner earth and further galactic realities that you have experienced in other lifetimes or parallel worlds, such that there will be a flavor, a hint, a memory of home within these words. And it brings us great joy to be able to offer this comfort to you. For we see that the hearts of the Lightworkers are in need of comfort and joy. Be in joy. Be comforted!
We are the Rainbow Light Beings and we surround you in joy. Be in hope, be in harmony with these rainbow energies and feel the balance, the sublime balance and attunement to the All within the rainbow field of healing, of grace, of rebirth. Rainbows come after the rain, after the storm. 

You are in the midst of the storm and yet, we see many rainbows of light, of hope, of great purpose, piercing the darkness and allowing great lighter to shine through. We are the Rainbow light beings of love, of joy, of truth, of happiness. Feel this energy surround you and be blessed. 

Be blessed, as we are blessed by you. We love you. 


Rainbow Light Beings




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