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Transmuting the Loosh Others Create

Transmuting the Loosh Others Create

Message from Saint Germain and OWS. 

Channeled by James McConnell.

 April 21, 2020. 


Me: LOL He’s talking to me while I’m watching airplane videos on YouTube. The saint is amazed anyone gets into a plane, never mind pays for the ride. LOL I find most ETs tend to have the same opinion. Ashtar sure does.
He says he’s been talking to me all day because I’m having a bad day. I’d heard him earlier too. He was the one who told me to use the violet flame to transmute the load of negative energy I’d taken on to transmute overnight. And I had some success. Practise makes perfect.
Crazy, I can see an energetic line between the tail fin and the right wing of the plane. I’ve been seeing more of those between objects. Everything is connected.
Me: So, energies are increased and typically, when they go up, my mood tanks. Can you explain this please, St Germaine, for all the other people who are so horribly affected by increases in the Schumann Resonance?
StG: I can! Indeed! You do not understand this process yet. There are many as you are, who have come here to transmute what you call “loosh,” the negative energy that the false “gods” of your planet work so hard to create, the fear energy, the hate, the loneliness, the energy of abandonment, unhappiness, and more. They feed from it. As you may know, many have personal attachments, who steer you into life situations that allow you to create more of this loosh for them. If you are in unhappy circumstances now, you must suspect that you too, have attachments and that they must be removed if you are to move on and further engage ascension. These are energy suckers, the vampires of life energy, the Draculas of your films brought to life.
As the particular favourite flavour of Sharon’s ice cream that she just consumed is chocolate, these energy vampires enjoy the flavour of fear. Love energy elicits indigestion. They enjoy fear, they bathe in it, they revere it, they seek it out and create it wherever possible. And any unwitting human is prey to their manipulations. You must become resistant to this. It is the only way. Resistance is love, nothing else.
So, you woke up in a vile mood and realized that the energies of the earth resonance were increased today. When this in fact happens, what occurs is the negative energy of the collective plus Gaia are then flushed out into receptors and these receptors are the lightworkers who have come to do this job. Rather than feed the dark ones the loosh of their favourite flavour, these receptors – the Indigos particularly – hold the energy within themselves in order to transmute.
I am the chohan of the violet flame, and the Indigos are my concern. Sharon is configured as an Indigo personality, and a blu ray soul. This means that she in fact has the responsibility at a personal, third and fourth dimensional level, to take on negative energy and to transmute it. The soul who resonates at the indigo level takes on the responsibility of transmuting at higher frequencies (dimensions), thusly ensuring that negative thought forms do not reach the surface to be created.
Me: Ahhhh! Awesome!
St Germaine: The Indigo soul is the first line of defense, shall we say, and the Indigo personality is the second line of defense. All negativity is created at the physical/mental/emotional levels, thus third and fourth dimension, and then seeks higher expression in order to be created, whereupon it finds it way back to earth if not halted beforehand.
What does get through, perhaps if the Indigo souls are full to capacity, or have not transmuted for any reason, the Indigo personalities will pick up and work on. So in fact, Ms Sharon, when you are overwhelmed with negativity, then the entire force of transmuters is working to capacity.
Me: Wouldn’t surprise me.
St Germaine: I understand, indeed, that this is not your favourite part of the job. But as you said earlier today, put a positive spin on it and consider it your part in starving out the dark forces whose diabolical deeds you find so heinous. You are disempowering them.
Me: I do. And good for that.
St Germaine: Pain is not pleasant. But tolerance of pain is something that one must acclimate to in your world in order to do the work of transmutation.
Me: I’m still not there, but chocolate ice cream helps.
St Germaine: Ah yes, just like a child.
Me: LOL Call it what you will. Give me some balloons and candy floss too. Have a laugh, I don’t care.
St G: I do not make jest. In fact I point out that your ability to withstand pain has not progressed over your lifetime. It remains childlike as you were taught when you lived with your parents.
Me: Yup. Food is love!
St G: Very well, then. You are happy with your need to repress pain. Perhaps I might offer a better solution.
You understand that words hold more power than chocolate ice cream.
Me: I’m not sure about that!
St G: Now you jest. May I offer an incantation for those transmuters, the Indigos and the others who also carry the task of holding negative energies, because you are all a bit violet at times. Yes? May I proceed?
Me: Of course! You’re the master.
St G: As are you all. Otherwise you would not be here, may I remind you.
Me: True. Okay.
St G: It will go as follows:
We of the violet flame,
In the Love of the Creator’s name,
Hold our Light to this darkness,
To cleanse this pain.

Creator, please remove this ill,
From our minds and from our souls,
With the power of the violet flame,
If it is your will.

I am the Violet Flame.
I am the Violet Flame
I am the Violet Flame

So may it be.
May I suggest you repeat this three times immediately and then as often as necessary afterwards? Yes. This incantation is very powerful, as of course the violet flame is a ray of Godliness, and to use God’s power in the cleansing of your planet’s darkness is very powerful indeed. This is Alchemy.
Me: I get goosebumps and energy chills running through my body when I say the incantation.
St G: And so you experience the effectiveness of it immediately.
Me: Yes.
StG: As I indicated to you today, there is also the question of attachment. Do not attach yourself to this pain. Do not say, “It is my pain,” because it is not your pain alone. Do not ask, “Oh, now, what is wrong?” because nothing is wrong with you. You are not being punished, you are not in the wrong, you did nothing wrong, there is no fault on your part. It is your task to transmute the pain of all others upon this planet as you are all One. This is what your contract is with God. You came to help transmute the pain of others. Should you not do this, your world would be in a sorry state right now. You are literally buoying the expression of others upon this planet, relieving the masses of their pain.
Me: Yes. That makes a lot of sense.
St G: May I say that the indigo is a pain absorber, and this pain, once absorbed, must be transmuted. The incantation I provided, or whatever one you have a predeliction for, can be used.
Me: Thank you.
St G: And so, you request more information on these rays and why the representatives of the rays are coming to you now.
As you know, Ashtarr Sheran is one of the Indigo group as well, and he too, has come to earth to help it to transform. This is the specialty of the violet flame, purification and transformation. The Blue Ray is about Divine Will, and you work with Archangel Michael on that. Also El Morya has appeared in your life who also reflects this ray. He is the Chohan.
These rays work together and what you then stand for, Ms Sharon is the Divine Power of Transformation. You were made for this. And I see you are helping to transform a legion of followers here upon Youtube.
Me: Yes.
St Germaine: You have also used your divine powers to transform yourself in this lifetime to achieve the mastery that you had upon your birth.
Me: Well, except for chocolate ice cream.
St G. Ah yes. But this will eventually become a perk, and not a necessity. You must focus, as so many of you must, on learning to deal with pain differently. And to do this you must understand that all is divine. When you see your lives from a standpoint of divinity, you see that the pain you have come to bear is not your own, but that of the others who are jailed here in this prison. You have come to take their pain away, literally.
Pain is the great transformer. Without it, nothing would change. When pain halts, then change is no longer necessary.
For those who do not know which rays predominate within you, you are created from them all, yes, but two have predominance. There is one ray for your soul, and one for your personality. Sharon for example is a blue ray soul and an Indigo personality.
You must look to see which you are most drawn to. For example, look to see what your favourite colours are. Yes, that simple. Which of the rays do you find most appealing? Then research to see what they are indicative of and ask if this reflects your character, and at which level, a lower level or a higher soul level? It is that simple.
When you are attracted to a colour, then you are either reflecting that colour, or you are in need of that colour.
For example, Sharon’s favourite colour as a child was green. Now, green is the colour of the heart. She was reflecting that colour but was also in need of it. It was going out but not coming back to her.
In her adulthood, as she began to connect further to her soul, her favourite colour was blue and she is in fact a blue ray.
Me: What about the times I kept saying my favourite colour was black?
StG: Yes, these were not happy times for you. Not at all. Fortunately they did not last long.
See what colours you prefer to dress in, see which colours catch your eye the most. Understand that nature is predominantly green and this is because nature reflects love, the love of God, back to you.
Me: Interesting.
St G: Oh! Of course. But all colours reflect the rays of God and they have meaning.
Me: So why did you come in today to help me, and not Ivo?
St G: He in fact allowed me to. Ivo is a blu ray as well, and he is versed in the way of the violet flame. However, he graciously stepped aside in order to allow this communication with you.
Me: He was probably frustrated. LOL Thanks Saint.
StG: I say, you are most welcome indeed. I bid you adieu.
James McConnell 

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